Essays on Metaphor

A metaphor essay notes that a metaphor is a figure of speech, defined by the use of words and expressions in a figurative sense. Metaphor essays highlight that it often uses analogy, similarity, and comparison. Essays on metaphor explain that metaphor is used in text to describe something using the characteristics of something else. It is usually included to provide a pore poetic, artistic and sensual explanation of something, rather than a literal one. Essays specify that writers use metaphors to emphasize something, to distinguish the described object, make it memorable. Our metaphor essay samples will tell you everything there is to know about metaphors – just check some of our best essay samples below.

A box of chocolate or a bowl of cherries is the life metaphor

A box of chocolate or a bowl of cherries is a life symbol that my response would attempt to explore objectively in my interpretation. The solution attempts to explore life in two broad viewpoints in line with its position in today’s culture. It’s either leaning towards a chocolate box or…

Words: 2972

Pages: 11

English Essay On Equus of Peter Shaffer

There are several themes that have been developed in the play Equus, most importantly the theme of religion and worship. Peter Shaffer doesn’t stop to develop this theme from the beginning to the end of the play. Moreover, he makes use of different devices to build the theme beginning from…

Words: 962

Pages: 4

How Metaphors were used in the Novel: Germinal

The novel called Germinal by Zola was first published in French on March 1885. It created a very significant mark in the french tradition among other great novels like Ladies Delight, Nana, L’ Assommoir, La Bete Humaine and The Belly of Paris. Its original copy was 591 pages but was…

Words: 1068

Pages: 4

about literary devices

Judy Brady’s dramatic irony has been included in I Want a Wife (1971) as the writer needs a wife to accompany her to college. The writer is a woman, but the reader might first think that she was a male. It is also ironic that a woman should accompany her…

Words: 679

Pages: 3

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