A box of chocolate or a bowl of cherries is the life metaphor

A box of chocolate or a bowl of cherries is a life symbol that my response would attempt to explore objectively in my interpretation. The solution attempts to explore life in two broad viewpoints in line with its position in today's culture. It's either leaning towards a chocolate box or a cherry tub (Whitebourne 1). In line with life, the analogy with "chocolate box" predicts that positive things are going to happen in life, but before you get to explore real life, it's impossible to tell what's going on in life. This is in reference to the box of chocolate scenario where one anticipates something sweet inside the box, but until you open it, you will never be certain of what it contains. Education has always been said to be the key to success just as is evident in transitional educational career, but it comes with its challenges. On the other hand, we ask the question is life “a bowl of cherries” A bowl of cherries are identifiable one can correctly predict the number and given their sweetness one prepare to enjoy one after the other. It is established how some are born of luck such include the people from the loyal families or kingship lineage where for them material success is already guaranteed.Everyday life continues to be likened to the box of chocolate as it is established to be full of mystery, just as is the case of the pieces of chocolate inside the box. When an individual comes into the world, he breathes his first breath and feels the life in the earth. However, what shapes one survival over the years in life will remain just as speculative as is the case of the covered chocolate, one knows what’s is installed in the covered chocolate’s just as people in life face the challenge of identifying the ingredients hidden for life success. To many, it is a mystery given the disparities that exist in line with the success of life. On the other hand bowl of cherries is transparent and completely in view, nothing is hidden the clear path that one needs to follow to succeed given in term of direction to achieve certain goals goal. The content of bowl cherries is completely in view. The test of the cherries just as what to expect in life is known. One can also obtain the numbers of the cherries in the bowl equating them to the various successes that await an individual in life. The bowl of cherries is a clear directional to one's career path and the success of the life journey.Today in life we find that peoples life stories are aligned with the two prospects. Some understand and appreciate the strides they are taking to success filled with courage and optimism they pursue their area of concentration to the very end. On the other hand, we find people who choose to stay in their current state without adjusting to changes as they are always pessimistic and find no good reason to reach the top. Such is what is represented by the bowl of cherries and a box of chocolate respectively. What is important is once you establish your background status if it is good work to make it look better if it a humble background exploits every opportunity along the way to reach the top. Question 2For one to possess the power of persuasion and public speaking one needs to adopt the three components of communication identified by the Philosopher Aristotle (McKinzie 1). One need the Ethos which will be of great importance as it involves building respect of the listener. The moment Orator earns respect the audience, or the target group will be willing to listen to the speech. The other thing that one requires is the Pathos this is specifically important in identifying the mood of your audience to appeal to the listeners' emotions which will be vital in ensuring a sober mood is observed in line with the whole time or duration of the speech. The final area of concern will be in line with getting to know what one is talking about this will necessitate a proper research that will include the facts used to convey a message. The Orator need to a comprehension of the topic matters a lot regarding its delivery. To achieve the three components outlined above one need to follow a certain path to achieve the coherence of the three components concerning the delivery of his speech or address to the audience. The points of the whole process should incorporate:PreparednessPractice and preparation is a valuable component of effective communication. The level and time of preparedness vary following the type of speech intended. Some speech will require more time while others will require less time in line with the content or message intended. The Big IdeaThe first few moments to the start of the speakers deliver the main point since the audience is still very much active. It is essential to deliver the main point at this juncture to ensure the audience gets to visualize what to expect in the whole session.Artful PauseLet the audience anticipate what might be the subject of discussion this will draw their attention to you.Be AuthenticUse casual words to connect with the audience don’t use words that are not identifiable to the audience. This will ensure that you don’t leave the audience confused as to what exactly you meant.The outlined procedure will ensure the content and how it is being put across is understood and finds a place in the ideals of a society in line with initiating a change in the society. The society or audience will easily identify with your message which might lead to them embracing your ideas for an intended action plan. QUESTION 3The research question that I will add to the phrase is, I stand to be counted against any form of sexual harassment to women? Such a question will provide room for people who have been sexually abused to voice their experience as well as giving space for the activist who stands against such practices to voice their concern. It also provides for space for people to voice their solution to such a vice in the society. It could be informed of a recommendation or an action plan to prevent such acts from occurring. The best method that could provide the best answer for the research question will base on the following persuasive techniques (Enhancv 1):Foot in the Door techniqueThis technique is based on the view that before asking for the big favor one should focus on the small favor. The main agenda of the research question was to raise awareness against women sexual harassment, but the question first gives the audience a chance to build their concern through their various sexual abuses that will finally make it a point to the larger society policy. For one to build a strong case, one must pay attention to any reliable evidence available starting from the small evidence.Real-life ApplicationThe actress is a victim of the sexual assault but initiate a follow up to convey the message she had to incorporate others people voices to be heard loud and clear. This could also be a polite way of removing herself from the picture and putting the entire society concern at stake. Case studyThe research question will also serve as a case study where more reference could be drawn in line with the execution of the greater mandate of conveying the message of the fight against sexual abuse for women. The cases that will emerge will build a solid base for reference as evidence of what the whole society is experiencing.Door in the faceThe question asks then for something contrastingly easier. The actress had suffered the abuse but wanted the contribution of others to be heard more. It wasn’t the question of her but the society. She was not willing to act in isolation as this could not carry the magnitude she wanted to pass the message.Anchoring The question was meant to compare the various assaults taking place in the society to know how they could be addressed. The actor experience was indicative of what was going on in the society, and it also served as an opportunity to serve as a reflection of the harassment that women were facing in generalCommitment and consistencyOnce they supported the tweet, they indeed show commitment in the fight against women sexual abuse and in case of a demonstration to push against the norm. The people who participated will be willing to join and push for their rights. This could, later on, serve as a base for establishing a movement that will champion women's rights. Social proofThe question also helped in establishing the social proof that indeed the vice was taking place in the society. If the Actress could have prosecuted the case as an individual, maybe the critics could have labeled her as just an attention seeker interested in mere publicity.Question 5The Christmas song that I will focus on will be “A Boy is born in Bethlehem” (Hutchins 1). The Christmas song lyrics is fascinating as it cut across the power of stories through it an aspect of narrative, fantasy, theme, and dramatization as described below: The Narrative propagated the story of a savior who is born of the human form but possess the supreme power as illustrated by the line " whose reign shall last for ever-more" the song also alleges of how everyone includes the Ox knew that the born was to be Lord. It also lay down a foundational base for what is to be expected of the savior “without our taint of wickedness." Indeed the song forms a solid foundation to any Christian in line with drawing reference to the Bible concerning the life and times of Jesus on earth. It is later established that the boy child carried the deity characteristics and was never wicked. This has continued to be an attribute of the Lord today as indeed is true of the deity nature of the boy child.An element of fantasy also does come out from the Lyrics. It's recorded in one of its lines how the Ox and the Ass all heard of the Lord. It is indeed an element of fantasy as there is no place where we have been told of how they established the Ox and Ass managed to know of the surrounding happenings. The methodology of determining how they heard is not also been given. This could just be the beliefs that the composer felt perfectly fit in the content of their song. This indeed leaves one with the question of how foundationally true are some Christian doctrine or is it just an element of fantasy at play.The theme of the song as brought out by the rhythm is about the special place of the Savior born. That is the reason the lyrics bring the significance of the born child in line with the Christians life. It also shows the deity nature of the born child and his special place and role that he occupies as the Lord. It finally concludes with a message to everyone that He alone should be praised. All this is in line with showing the special place that the born child will occupy in the world today. It is very encouraging to see the importance that is given to the Lord in the society. He occupies a special place in Christians lives, and He alone should be praised. This has remained to be true today where the boy child or the Lord is worshipped.Some aspects of dramatization also do feature in the lyrics. The presents mentioned such as gold which is a valuable commodity and mostly associated with kings could have been used to signify the kingship that the boy child had. The Ox also heard could be a dramatization issue also to illustrate how the boy childbirth was not an ordinary birth but a supreme occasion. It went beyond the human nature scope of understanding. Dramatization is indeed an important component in the power of storytelling and in line with the content in which it was used in this song it perfectly fitted as the message was well delivered. The question that we ask could be the dramatization and exaggeration or a statement of fact.The impact of the song is well felt as it outlines the deity of the child born, what is expected of him and the place he occupies in the world. This is evidentially a proof of the deity of the boy child. The beliefs and values will, therefore, remain the same in the society as there is no conflict of interest but lather the two accounts are well interconnected. No exaggeration or addiction are induced it just as is presented and documented in the Bible.Question 6Given the unending debate of hate speech in our daily lives whether it is in schools, the corporate world or in the political arena. It is necessary to revise the laws in line with the hate speech debate as discussed by Evelyn Hockstein (California Forum 1). Evelyn in line with the tragic events in the Charlottes raises the attention once more to the question of why expression of hate should be tolerated and how it should be protected as in the case of the first amendments. The fact that most European nation didn’t allow hate speech in the society raised a lot of eyebrows especially given the various ideas of hate that were being propagated. From the vile white supremacist, the racist and the anti-Semitic speech ideas that were occurring in the European society. Such practices draw the society attention once more to the issue of hate speech.The constitutional law serves as one of the defendants of hate speech. This was clear in the First Amendments which protected a right to express hate. This laid the basis for legal battles in the united state as an effort by the government to try and prohibit or punish hate speech was declared unconstitutional. Not at once that the supreme court in the united state has declared unconstitutional any attempt to suppress the hate speech. What is of significance is that the decision has always been unanimous. It, therefore, begs the question could the law be advocating for hate speech as a right to an individual. The other factor is how all the judges agree with the issue of the hate speech. All this shows that indeed the hate speech is well accepted in our laws.Hate speech has it place in the society as it expresses an idea which should first be given room before the full dismissal could be implemented. If the idea doesn't find a way to come out, it could be of no help at all to the society. Sometimes the idea is good for the society as it was established that most country that ban hate speech were using them to suppress the minorities. The very individual, the law, seeks to protect. The minorities were oppressed, and when they tried to raise the alarm, it was argued that they were propagating hate. The issue of protecting the minority raises another question of how the author support hates speech. If indeed is a question of protecting the minorities other means could be used such as the affirmative action program.Free speech is not absolute. If an individual is given the freedom to express freely in the society should be careful not to violate the privileged of free speech. Instruments such as carrying of weapon should not, however, be allowed to accompany hate speech in the demonstration as they might be dangerous to the society. In case such a scenario is expected then it will be better to cancel the demonstration or confine it in an area where the public safety will not have interfered. However, the claim of public safety cannot be the parameter or the pretext used to silence an unpopular view. If such a provision is not checked, the place of the hate speech could be interfered with in pretext of protecting the public interest. The idea here just specifically points the stand of the author concerning hate speech. The majority rights according to him could be overridden for the sake of the hate mongers. The place of hate speech in the society is very vital for the cohesiveness of society. It cannot also be forgotten that we are in the era of a very polarized society where there seems to be a lot of interest in line with the greater willingness to express hatred. The question that remains is how we will achieve a more inclusive and cohesive society to avoid all the hate going around. The other question that we should establish is which hate speech message is to be allowed in the society and which one not to allow. Another question is how we will balance between hate messages and the safety of the society given that some group likes the terrorist could capitalize on such an idea to advance their ill motives. This entire question needs to be addressed before giving space to the hate speech mongers. .Works CitedCalifornia Forum. Europe bans it. Business shuns it. Campuses fear it. What can be done about hate speech? 16 August 2017. 8 December 2017 .Enhancv. 8 Persuasion Techniques to Change Anyone’s Mind. 22 February 2016. 8 December 2017 .Hutchins, Rev. Charles Lewis. A Boy Is Born in Bethlehem. 1916. 8 December 2017 .McKinzie, Barbara. What makes a good orator? What skills and experiences are required? 23 March 2016. 8 December 2017 .Whitebourne, Susan Krauss. Your life story in metaphors: A box of chocolates or a bowl of cherries; which best fits your life? 3 May 2013. 7 December 2017 .

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