The Internet of Things and Fake News

In the last five months, the term "fake news" has grown in common.

The term is interpreted differently by different individuals. The media publishes news on the internet, which is dependent on people's reactions to the news and inner behavior. This can decide whether or not news is labeled as "fake news." Several approaches to coping with false news have been established.

The use of the internet is one way we can interrupt the loop of false news.

The internet provides several different opportunities to improve and grow human life, as well as offer solutions to a wide range of issues, including the problem of fake news.

Brook Borel offers many solutions to the problem of false news. One key solution proposed to journalism is the use of fact checking. This would involve assessing statements made by politicians and other people and determining their level of correctness. Fact checking in the past have been instrumental in the past in bringing the politician to account. However, Brook fears that using fact checking only to combat fake news is not enough.

Fake news seems to be adapting to fact checking and therefore a need for more approaches to deal with the problem.

Fact checking should not be done away with but should only be a first step. Those who spread the fake news are devising ways of doing it. Even when Facebook and Google collaborate with journalists to flag face news, the purveyors have ways of coming with new sites. Another complication in dealing with fake news is people believing in any story conforming to their worldviews.

The issue of Fake News is not a new one and can be traced even in17th century where with the diversification of routes, merchants gained a greater hold on the news, and especially the entrepreneurs who had a lot of money to spend. As early as this time, there were consequences of spreading fake news with Netherlands for instance having laws to fine and ban publisher who produced fake reports. In the United States, the situation was quite different where at first, political parties were in control of the press by using partisan fight, before the coming of American commercialized papers which claimed independence.

However coming of internet is the single most event that have revolutionized news.

As explained in the article "The Evolution of the internet of Things" internet has spread in many aspects of our lives. According to Jim Chase, internet use increases in the 1990s with internet connectivity proliferating in enterprise and consumer markets. However, it did not have much use due to the low performance of the network interconnect. By 2000, the connectivity had increased significantly with the use of many applications and currently there is increased access to information due to spread of internet. Despite of this, most applications and devices used today are basically things on the internet that require more human interaction and monitoring using apps and interfaces.

The internet is evolving very fast and has completely changed from being only a proprietary enterprise network with little or no sharing of information to being accessible to everyone. Currently, manufacturers possess multitude of vertical application requirements with many applications.

Jim chase argues that the most fundamental challenges in the Internet of things in the coming days will revolve around connectivity, power management, security, complexity as well as rapid evolution. According to him, a single connectivity standard will win over the rest. Moreover, there will be a more variety of wired and wireless standards in addition to proprietary implementations used in connecting things in the Internet of Things. The challenge according to Chase is having the connectivity standards collaborating with each other.

Security on the other hand relates to the amount of data being sent through the IoT, whereby its significant size calls for more security. Consumers also need to be educated on the use of then security that will be provide into their devices. Rapid evolution means things are changing very fast and thus creating even more challenges. The infrastructure therefore need to be also changed from time to time. More varieties of both wireless and wired connectivity technologies are necessary of the various needs of the market.


In summary, as the evolution of internet of things have taken some time and is still continuing. This can be connected to the issue of fake news where modern technology uses are leading to fake news channels and sites. The internet is also becoming available to many people further facilitating how this fake news spread. However, the spread of internet of things can be used positively in curbing the Fake news. With the advancement of technologies, policy makers can leverage it to prevent the spread of fake news. For instance, advancements in technologies are making it easy to sensor some sites which may not be authentic. In the long run, Internet of things will transform how we live and act and will be instrumental in the issue of fake news.


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