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A religion essay is focused on an eternal topic, as religion has existed throughout many centuries for as long as humanity. Religion is also one of the oldest manifestations of culture. Religion essays define religion as a set of certain spiritual views and ideas, as well as corresponding rituals and cults. Nowadays, world religions are most prominent, so essays on religion focus primarily on them. There are only three such religions: Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism. There are also national religions, but few of them have survived: Taoism and Confucianism in China, Shintoism in Japan, Hinduism in India, Zoroastrianism among the descendants of the ancient Iranians, Judaism among the Jews, and some others. If you have unanswered questions about religion, view our religion essay samples. We put together a list of the best essay samples you can follow in order to create superb essays.

The Bible does not elaborate

The Bible does not go into detail about Elijah’s existence until the start of the work of prophecy. His prophecy started in 1st Kings 17:1, where he predicted that there would be a famine in the coming years unless God ordered otherwise. This prophecy further demonstrates that Elijah was acting…

Words: 2736

Pages: 10

Treachery in Dante’s Inferno

Punishment is meted out on those who defy God’s will. When you reach Hell, God’s vengeance is unmistakable and serious for all forms of sins. “…through me, you enter the city of woes, through me you enter everlasting suffering, through me you enter the population of loss…abandon all hope, you…

Words: 1144

Pages: 5

Tone in God’s Grandeur Poem by Hopkins

The initial sound pattern is alliteration, and Hopkins employs more than two or three alliterating phrases. In a sonnet, he follows the pattern of medieval English poetry, which relies on a rhyme for the core pattern production. Hopkins has explained the use of alliterations in each line; therefore, the increased…

Words: 545

Pages: 2

Faithfulness Truthfulness and Authenticity of the Hebrew Bible impacted by translation

Since they are now regarded as holy texts by Judaists, the ancient Hebrew literature goes down in history as the world’s most important writings. Furthermore, they have had a major impact on other faiths such as Islam and Christianity. Because of their influence in human affairs and the central role…

Words: 1464

Pages: 6

Political Literary Overview in 1620-1783 in the US

In American history, the era from 1620 to 1783 is known as the Puritan Period and is distinguished by distinct features and a diverse cast of characters that shaped history. Since the printing press was unavailable, the majority of the literature was documented in handwritten leaflets. Christianity was at the…

Words: 1872

Pages: 7

Betrayal in “a thousand autumns of Jacob de Zoet

Betrayal is the act of proving to be untrustworthy to the point that you cannot trust the individual who trusts you. It entails delivering anyone into the hands of the adversary by deception, all in breach of faith. It is a heinous act and it almost always proves deadly to…

Words: 2624

Pages: 10

Reflection Exercise

Calvin connects faith to God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. He claims that by confidence, one can be admitted to the kingdom of heaven. Calvin believes that God expects people to do the right thing in accordance with His will. When a guy goes against His will, he is vulnerable…

Words: 625

Pages: 3

Sin and the Society

The subject of how sin impacts the world is one of the most discussed topics in the Christian setting, with efforts to describe what sin is and what acts qualify as sinful. The concept of sin has evolved over time to accommodate changes in culture as well as changes in…

Words: 1745

Pages: 7

Inanna, an Important Goddess among the Sumer

Inanna was revered as a goddess of fertility, battle, and erotic desire, as well as a respected astral deity, by the Sumerians. Because of these characteristics, she was considered as wise, as portrayed in Mesopotamian myths (Joshua). In this regard, she was perceived to be bringing knowledge and culture, especially…

Words: 566

Pages: 3

roman and ancient greek mythology

Greek myths are epic legends about overcoming difficult challenges and stories about gods and goddesses ruling the world. To others, they are legends of humans clashing with gods, with the winner or loser ending up bloodied, burned, or transformed into animals or plants. A causal interpretation of the tales would…

Words: 2105

Pages: 8

The Key Themes in ‘Epic of Gilgamesh’

An Epic is a work of art about a hero who, as a mighty warrior, proves his worth in combat. The ‘Epic of Gilgamesh’ can be classified as an Epic genre because it portrays the protagonist’s great leadership. Gilgamesh is initially portrayed as an arrogant tyrant who abuses and rapes…

Words: 3076

Pages: 12

Elijah, Moses and David live in the bible

The Bible would not go into detail about Elijah’s life until the start of his prophecy work, which started when he predicted that there would be a drought in the coming years unless God ordered otherwise (New International Version 17. 1). This prophecy further reveals that Elijah is speaking explicitly…

Words: 3525

Pages: 13

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