Essays on Religion

A religion essay is focused on an eternal topic, as religion has existed throughout many centuries for as long as humanity. Religion is also one of the oldest manifestations of culture. Religion essays define religion as a set of certain spiritual views and ideas, as well as corresponding rituals and cults. Nowadays, world religions are most prominent, so essays on religion focus primarily on them. There are only three such religions: Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism. There are also national religions, but few of them have survived: Taoism and Confucianism in China, Shintoism in Japan, Hinduism in India, Zoroastrianism among the descendants of the ancient Iranians, Judaism among the Jews, and some others. If you have unanswered questions about religion, view our religion essay samples. We put together a list of the best essay samples you can follow in order to create superb essays.

Major ideas of effective altruism

Doing good and living for the benefit of others is an important part of everyone’s life. God and the Bible teach people to be morally upright and to sacrifice for others. Nowadays, talking about effective altruism as a way to explain people’s actions is becoming more popular. The purpose of…

Words: 1114

Pages: 5

Today’s Issues on Gender Equality

While Mahayana Zen Buddhism has been around for a long time, its doctrines may still be relevant in today’s society. Some of these teachings can also focus on important global problems, such as gender equality, which is one of them. What is Mahayana Buddhism’s take on women’s immaturity? Is it…

Words: 2124

Pages: 8

My Rebuttal to Philo’s Rebuttal to Cleanthes’ Design Argument

Humans have a limited understanding of the world. As a result, they lack the ability to fully comprehend God, the universe’s creator and designer. The creator, God, and the creation, which includes living things like people, are not the same thing. The purpose of this paper is to examine Philo’s…

Words: 1589

Pages: 6

Beat! Beat! Drums!

The poem “Beat! Beat! Drums!” by Walt Whitman consists of three stanzas, each of which has seven verses. The poet composed the poem in free verse, taking the reader through a variety of stylistic devices such as language, repetition, alliteration, metaphors, and onomatopoeia, among other literary devices. First of all,…

Words: 605

Pages: 3

Differences and Similarities between Islam and Christianity

Historically the religion can be traced back to its roots in the middle years, including Islam, Christianity, Judaism and many more. Christianity and Islam, however, are the world’s largest and most common religions. This paper will assess the distinctions and similarities between Christianity and Islam (Miner & Maureen 79). Likenesses…

Words: 591

Pages: 3


Subramanyan, 31). Subramanyan. “The Gandhi Connection”. US Today, (2008). Pp. 31-35. (Hefner, 265). Hefner, Philip. “Spiritual Transformation and Nonviolent Action: Interpreting Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr.” Currents in Theology and Mission 31 (2004): 264-273. (Jahanbegloo, 3). Jahanbegloo, Ramin. “Gandhi and the struggle for non-violence.” UNESCO Courier, 1992, p….

Words: 125

Pages: 1

Sin as a Mankind’s struggle

“If you do well, will you not be accepted? And if you do not do well, sin lies at the door. And its desire is for you, but you should rule over it.” Genesis 4:7, New King James Version. Since the formation of heaven and earth, the word sin has…

Words: 4133

Pages: 16

Socrates May Be Considered a Christian Thinker in These Ways

Because of his position in describing the principles of religion, Socrates’ ideas have had a significant influence on Christian practices. Socrates believed in natural powers in the same way as modern Christians do. As a result of his questioning of Athens’ god and teaching the youth to disobey rules that…

Words: 1079

Pages: 4

Essentials of the Gospel

A worldview is simply a way of perceiving reality; it is how people perceive the world around them. A worldview implicitly represents humanity’s perspective on the universe. Since perception is subjective, each person’s understanding of the world is special. Human beings make choices about their lives, values, and how to…

Words: 1964

Pages: 8

God’s Existence Hypothesis

The two competing views regarding God’s nature or truth are theism and naturalism. Naturalism claims that there is no God and that everything happens naturally, while theism claims that there is a God. According to theism, there is only one perfectly morally decent and almighty being that exists out of…

Words: 1143

Pages: 5

Essentials of the Gospel

A worldview is a term that describes the foundation of truth that society uses to perceive and coexist. A worldview implicitly represents humanity’s perspective on the universe. While everybody has a worldview, it is exclusive to them. Humans make choices about their lives, values, and how to live based on…

Words: 1880

Pages: 7

Galileo’s Shadow

The book “The Shadow of the Galilean” was written by Gerd Theissen and published by Fortress Press. The revised edition, with the ISBN 0800639006, was published in 2007. The 232-page text is narrated by a third person and provides a historical fictional account of Jesus’ life. Andreas, a Jewish merchant,…

Words: 1083

Pages: 4


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