Essays on Judaism

Mosaic Covenant

The covenant between God and the Israelites as stated in the Hebrew Bible is referred to as the Mosaic covenant. The mosaic covenant's events were recorded in the first five books of the Bible. After delivering the Israelites from Egypt, God made a deal or a pact with them. The...

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The Jewish religion

The Jewish faith incorporates the old Jews' philosophy and history. It arose from the ancient Hebrews' belief in a monotheistic God revealed to them by the Hebrew prophets Abraham, Moses, and others who lived according to the religious Scriptures. It has a priest who serves as the spiritual leader of...

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Representing religion through artwork

A number of female Jewish artists who reside in the United States have displayed their origin through the various forms of art they practice. Some have chosen to express different ideas in their artwork. A sizeable amount of female American Jewish artists do not have deep understanding of the Torah...

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