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The first element I notice about a person is the individual’s dress code. It is from how the man or woman is dressed that I get to give a rough picture of the form of person I am dealing with from the age, career and even to some extent whether the individual can be trusted or not. Dress code is not only constrained to the clothes but also to the variety of jewelry and shoes. Is the individual in a suit however fitted in sports shoes? An individual’s dress code essentially gives me an overview and a starting to create an individual’s picture in my mind.
If I was about to choose which brain structures to loose, I would definitely go for the Limbic system that contains glands that are in charge of relaying feelings. The sobriety of human decisions is primarily affected by emotions. Without emotions the decisions would really be sober. It is very hard to choose among the remaining parts of the brain but if a decision had to be made, the cerebellum would come second. The cerebellum allows for posture, balance and coordination.

Section 3

Signal detection theory is present in our day to day lives. For example, a hunter will always look out for the specific specie of animal that he is out there to hunt. Once spotted, the hunter will make sure not to lose sight of the animal whether it is as large as a dear or as small as a hare. The hunter will in fact raise his weapon, aim and strike without losing sight of the animal.

Section 4

Coca-Cola advertisement and the Toyota add. It is amazing how Coca-Cola relates their brand to a feeling. Toyota has recently been all over TV and social media. I believe I remembered the Toyota add because of my interest for cars but the Coca-Cola advertisement is all because of the creativity.

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