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United States European Command

One of the nine unified combatant areas in the US military is United States European Command (EUCOM) Its purpose is to prepare the armed forces and provide tactical access with the goal of averting all forms of conflict. By removing any threats, it ensures that the North Atlantic Treaty Organizations (NATO)...

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What factor, more than any other, caused you to apply to Molloy?

As a Marine Corps veteran with a long career, one of my responsibilities at work involves becoming a psychologist, which has always intrigued me. I frequently come across individuals who need my assistance, and those in particular require psychological support. I've been making an effort to assist in the best...

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General William Tecumseh Sherman

General William Tecumseh Sherman and his Role in the American Civil War Between 1820 and 1891, General William Tecumseh Sherman was a combatant and a businessman. During the American Civil War, he fought in the American Union Army and was acknowledged as the top military leader at the time. He engaged...

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U.S. Military Failureto Achieve its Objectives in the Vietnam War

Why American Military Goals in the Vietnam War Were Unachievable The Vietnam War began as a political conflict between the capitalist South Vietnam and the communist North Vietnam. South Vietnam wished to join the North Vietnamese state to form a single communist nation. (Anderson and Ernst 2014, p. 23). As...

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Task Force Smith - the July 1950 war

Task Force Smith primarily discusses the conflict in July 1950 in which North Korea routed the US Army. At the time, the US was still basking in the glow of its resounding success in World War II, so the defeat came as a surprise. The force sent to battle the...

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Memo To A Supervisor

I am Corporal Charles K. Smith I am the squad leader of my company, which consists of eight soldiers. Since I've been in this role for one and a half years, I've accomplished things like being named NCO of the Quarter. The Incident with the Side View Mirror I'm writing to explain why...

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Rental Car

Dan Bowman's Narrow Escape Dan Bowman, a pilot with the US Army Air Corps, was chatting with a friend at the airfield's supply depot when the radar picked up 35 Japanese fighter aircraft flying directly toward the US army's airfield base. On this isolated Pacific island's runway, it was eleven o'clock....

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Policemen's Incidents

Incidents abroad involving the US military over the last five (5) years that can be linked to a post-Civil War foreign policy. The United States' participation in numerous international incidents over the past five years has demonstrated why they are regarded as the world's police officers. The status of police...

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Iwo Jima battle

Iwo Jima is a small mountainous island located about 650 miles southeast of Japan. During World War II, it served as a hub for American airfields on Guam, Saipan, and Tinian as well as Tokyo. (Rogers, n.d.). The goal of the American invasion of the Mariana Islands in 1944 was...

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African-American History before 1877

In 1861, Harriet Tubman enlisted in the Massachusetts regiment that was commanded by General Benjamin Butler. She was the first African American to offer to join the troop; everyone else was an American. This troop was stationed at Fort Monroe, and neither their formal responsibilities nor their involvement in military...

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The First World War impact on America

Even though America sent its soldiers into battle only 17 months before the war's end, the First World War had a major impact on the social, economic, and political landscape of the US. Tens of thousands of American men left for war zones, leaving the women to assume responsibility for...

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The Purple Heart

The Purple Heart The Purple Heart is an award developed by General Washington in 1782 that is offered as a merit reward to troops who are either injured or killed while protecting the United States of America against perceived or real enemies (Borch, 2010). During the Revolutionary War, Daniel Bissell, Jr.,...

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