Essays on Syrian Civil War

The War in Syria Essay

Recent reports that both parties in the civil war in Syria used chemical weapons on civilian populations have been a significant and puzzling aspect of the conflict as it continues to rage and draw attention from around the world. Under international law, such as the Geneva Conventions, the use of...

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Gains for Saudi Arabia and Qatar in Syria

The world is full of mysteries, and every move a person takes cannot be revealed to others. In the case of Saudi Arabia and Qatar, however, it is clearly known in the public arena that they have been heavily funding and arming Syria's opposition since the commencement of the civil...

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Group conflict

Group conflict and the Syrian civil war Group conflict is a feature shared by all forms of human social structure, including nations and ethnic groups. While it is a complex phenomenon studied by social scientists, the history of human existence reveals a series of group conflicts that have become well-known over...

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The missile attacks on Syria

The missile assaults on Syria and the potential hazards The missile assaults on Syria were intended to impose a cost on the Assad regime’s use of chemical weapons on its civilians while also affecting the government’s future behavior (Finnegan). However, the shift is likely to introduce new hazards. As a result,...

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The war in Syria

Syria's civil war has disrupted Middle Eastern stability, as countries such as Turkey have used the conflict to further political and economic objectives. The battle has evolved into a regional crisis, endangering both the region's security and economic prosperity (Arslanian, 2014). Turkey, as a prominent military force in the region,...

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syria and conflict

Conflicts in Syria have culminated in a seven-year-long civil war that has taken the lives of over a million civilians. The war is being waged between soldiers defending Syria's president, Bashar al-Assad, and rebels who do not want the president to remain in office. The violence began in 2011 in...

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The crisis of the refugees

The global refugee situation has worsened year after year, owing to a variety of factors, the most severe of which are civil wars. The civil war in Syria, which has been continuing for more than five months, is an indication of the above that has greatly led to intensified migration....

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