Essays on Armed Forces

Structure of the US Army

In the US, the military, report, and defense departments all heavily rely on the army. The operational army is divided into a variety of categories based on a predetermined structure. As a result, the institutionally based organizations assist in the supply of the essential infrastructure that is used for training,...

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Airspace Sovereignty

This is an issue that concerns the delegation of permission to overfly international aircraft. Airspace sovereignty remains the property of the state. In particular, each nation is restricted to a few nautical miles beyond which it cannot assert sovereignty over airspace. For example, in situations where the armed forces of...

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Essay On Airspace Sovereignty

Sovereignty is the control of the airspace shared with a particular state. It can be described as the right of a country to exercise regulatory, legislative and judicial authorities in the form of national airspace. Under Article 28 of the Chicago Convention, supremacy is the duty of the State (Chrystel,...

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