Creative Brief: Sukin – Australian Natural Skincare

Sukin - Australian Natural Skincare, an Australian cosmetics company, was created in 2007 with the aim of creating an inexpensive environmentally friendly, and natural skincare solution. The company, which was established in Melbourne, Australia, aims to provide environmentally friendly solutions.
One of the primary motivations for Sukin ads is to emphasize to customers the importance that the company represents, which is zero environmental impact. In promoting its brands, the firm also hopes to re-engage the Sukin brand, which offers a variety of organic skincare products, while also increasing customer interest in the products in its portfolio among the target market.
Target Market
Specifically, the advertising efforts by Sukin - Australian Natural Skincare are intended, going by the recommendations of Zhu & Chen (337) on identifying a core target market,for the female demographic aged between 20 and 40 years, with an understanding, however basic, of the skincare routine and the place of organic cosmetics products in the process. The ideal customer targeted by this advertisement should be one that believes in the benefit of organic (all natural) cosmetics to their health.Even so, such a consumer, falling within the afore-prescribed demographic, should not believe (at least passionately) in the ability of organic products to improve the health of their skin; they should be cynical of the benefits of using all-organic skincare products.

The Message & Key Consumer Insight

After exposure to this communication, the target audience, which as Pearson (77) points out should be the mainstay of advertisement, should be able to appreciate the fact that organic natural products are better for their health and for the health of their skin. They should also affirm the fact that natural products work better for them, as compared to inorganic and synthetic products. In addition, this communication message should be able to confirm to the target audience that organic natural ingredients, from which the Sukin - Australian Natural Skincare products are made, are better for the environment.Further, the communication should prevail upon the target audience to switch to organic (specifically Sukin - Australian Natural Skincare) products as they are great for sensitive skin, helpful to irritated skin and has anti-inflammatory properties; and are affordable.

Key considerations into the consumer insight revolve around the fact that in Australia, particularly among the target demographic, women are continually checking skincare product labels and avoiding certain ingredients. The trend is increasingly in favor of all natural skin care products, the indulgence of which does not make any huge changes for users after a couple of uses.

The Unique Selling Position

For Sukin - Australian Natural Skincare products, the unique selling point, as Scott (126) argues, would be the persuasion of target audiencesto avoid other (inorganic) products and take the best possible care of their skin using the firm’s products. The target audience should believe this communication message because it has been proven that organic ingredients are better for the health of the human skin, a fact that would be visible in the long run.

Product Personality

For Sukin - Australian Natural Skincare, the product personality is clearly represented in the contents. With this in mind, the product being advertised is not only affordable and all natural but is also free of any carbon and is effective in enhancing, replenishing or revitalizing the health of the users’ skins.

Media of Transmission

Ideally, this advertisement sill likely be transmitted through a combination of media, which as Andrews & Shimp (13) note would improve the effectiveness. Social media platforms will carry the bulk of the advertisement effort as many of the target demographic engages on it in an effective manner each day. Television adverts, due to its repetitive ability (Moriarty 59), will also be used to promote this product as will magazines that offer beauty advice to the target audience.

Creative Guidelines

Whilst designing this advertisement, the focus of the message will be the fact that Sukin - Australian Natural Skincare products are made from 100% essential oils and natural ingredients that have been picked carefully. As such, the products restore the natural vitality radiance of your skin will bring you the best results. The advertisement should also reflect the fact that Sukin - Australian Natural Skincare products portfolio is continually expanding to include body, face and hair products that have a high efficacy, reliability and availability and cater for all individuals.

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