Sexual behavior

I accept that the time of the sexual revolution saw a shift in attitudes toward sexual activity. People became more open-minded and accepting of sexual activity. Traditional sexual ideals, for example, changed significantly as sex roles became less rigid. The legalization of birth control and abortion, for example, increased the number of women who had sex before marriage. As a result, many women were able to advance their careers by working outside the home, invest in education, and have the freedom to choose how many children they desired. The impact of sexual equality on sexual morality and wellbeing was challenged. The effects are still felt in the modern society through the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, increased rate of divorce and teenage pregnancy. Sexual liberation was perceived to have brought more harm than good to the society through legalization of abortion, premarital sex, pornography and introduction of contraceptives.

Additionally, sexual revolution boosted the business world where people took advantage of the opportunity to make profits. Hugh Hefner founded the Playboy magazine where half dressed women posed provocatively. The magazine targeted middle-aged men consequently leading to its enormous success and expansion through the opening of clubs. Further, movies that depicted sex as a source of entertainment were produced. Rates of divorce have been a constant occurrence since the sexual revolution due to extramarital activities. For instance, pornography addiction and adultery have significantly influenced marriage not only in the sexual liberation period but also in the contemporary world where men find it hard relate to women and maintain a faithful relationship. Also, premarital sex became widely accepted after the liberation. Birth control reduced chances of getting pregnant leading to unwed adults having sexual relationships. Further, the interest of settling down and getting married diminished. Nonetheless, although sexual revolution was negatively viewed, it helped curb overpopulation through birth control hence better living standards.

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