Essays on Foster Care

A Case Study on Foster Care and Policy Advocacy

Chapter 2 focuses on policy advocacy and how the four rationales are applicable. There is increased foster care because of the poor discharge of the policies and planning procedures which prevent reintegration into the society. Without a home and the subsequent lack of support from family members, the young are...

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Foster Care and Same-Sex Couples

There are specific things that every human being is entitled to have in order to live a comfortable and fulfilling life. As such, apart from the basic rights of food, shelter, and clothing, people need to have a sense of belonging which is important for their psychological well being. We...

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About child abuse

Child abuse is any maltreatment of a child, whether by an adult or a child, that results in noticeable harm to the child. It can be sexual, emotional, or physical, but it can also happen frequently when there is a lack of affection, care, or concern. We are aware that...

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Social Work

A person's ability to quickly adapt to change is referred to as resilience. When in foster care, teenagers and younger children frequently deal with substantial disturbances. Thus, it is essential to make sure that the children are adequately ready to transition out of the care facilities and that they acquire...

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Transition from foster care

The main challenge facing the United States is that children who grow up in nursing care do not get assistance until they age outside the nursing care environment. Research reveals that a large proportion of young people face challenges after they leave foster care to move to live on their...

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