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Tests of Physical abilities

To ensure a proper assessment of the people who are qualified to do the job of a security officer, physical ability tests are required. The physical criteria for police officers vary depending on the state, and there are several tests that assist weed out weak people. The Pursuit Run of 75...

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Life on the Line

Introduction Interviews are conversations in which the interviewer asks the interviewee a series of questions, and the interviewee responds. It may also refer to a meeting in which a news commentator, pollster, or reporter obtains data or facts from a specific individual. In some instances, the interview is used to gather...

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Recruitment Process

I am fascinated to join your organization as a (position). I admire the work that you are doing in the field of marketing. I am organized to work hard to meet your expectations. I have excellent people skills. I can communicate both English and Spanish very well. I worked as sales...

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Unpleasant Lesson

Introduction Getting a job without doubt is a good thing that calls for a celebration in many quarters. It is conspicuous to anyone closer to you when you land on a job given the joy that it comes with. However, it is painful to lose one, especially at the interview stage....

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the future career goals

My organizational strategy for obtaining and achieving my future career goals is based primarily on the four management roles of schedule, coordinate, lead, and monitor. Question: My long-term career goal is to earn a Master s degree in business management so that I can contribute to my country s political and...

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A Job Interview as A Sales Conversation

A work interview is a sales chat. Whenever we speak to someone, your kids, manager, customers or colleagues meaningfully, you hold a sales dialog. Much like a seller, a job seeker (interviewee) and an interviewer who meets a prospective client, decide if each person suits well and then there is a...

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