A Job Interview as A Sales Conversation

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A work interview is a sales chat. Whenever we speak to someone, your kids, manager, customers or colleagues meaningfully, you hold a sales dialog. Much like a seller, a job seeker (interviewee) and an interviewer who meets a prospective client, decide if each person suits well and then there is a reciprocal partnership. For example, an individual decides whether the company is right, and the employer decides whether the job seeker is to be employed. Notably, when a salesperson meets with prospects, he/she identifies a need that should be filled, after which both sides arrive at a decision – both parties show the willingness and either agree or disagree to make the transaction. Similarly, interviewers will determine whether the job seeker meet the company’s requirements and proceed to fill the vacant position.

Respond to Lili Zarringhalam

I agree. Job seekers have to convince the employer that they are a good fit for the job by showing they have the interest, appropriate and relevant skills, knowledge and experience. This way, the job seeker just like the salesperson who struggles to paint the good image of his/her product, sells himself/herself and the employer finds it easy to decide whether to hire or not. Since the job interviewee is the primary salesperson in this scenario (job search), he/she should conduct proper research regarding the company and the job on offer – the research is mandatory to expose the job seeker for the relevant information about the job and the employer. Upon realizing that the interviewee knows more about the firm and the job in question by answering the questions correctly, an employer may be satisfied and hire the job seeker. Similarly, a salesperson must be prepared adequately with the details of the product to convince the buyers.

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