Essays on Work-Life Balance

The “Busy” Trap by Tim Kreider

Tim Kreider's Piece "The "Busy" Trap" Tim Kreider's piece The "Busy" Trap discusses the current rush of work. According to Kreider (2012), a lot of people in the world today are so preoccupied with their work that they sometimes forget to look in the mirror. Many people lead such lives because...

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Work and Leisure

Work and leisure are essential components of human happiness and fulfillment (Engeser and Baumann 2016). Work provides fulfillment in life, yet total focus on work deprives individuals of enjoyment. Concentration on work might get tedious, thus people should indulge in leisure activities. This essay will concentrate on traveling as a...

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healthy society: Sociological and Physiological Benefits

Is it true that health and leisure are interdependent concerns for a healthy society? Describe the sociological and physiological benefits of a positive health and leisure program, and then apply this to work. What is the connection between recreation, work, and health? Introduction Leisure is the free time that people have after...

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Policies to Promote Work-Life Balance

Work-Life Balance and its Importance Work-life balance becomes a crucial tool for firms as gender roles in families and the workplace change. Setting up a balance between work and home obligations can help with new problems including employee burnout, health, and absenteeism. At the moment, both male and female employees frequently...

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Absenteeism in school

Due to illogical excuses, people continue to miss work. Despite the fact that the conduct initially seems to have no consequences because it is believed that skipping work will only have an impact for a few hours or days, the consequences are negative when considered over the course of a...

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