Work and Leisure

Work and leisure are essential components of human happiness and fulfillment (Engeser and Baumann 2016). Work provides fulfillment in life, yet total focus on work deprives individuals of enjoyment. Concentration on work might get tedious, thus people should indulge in leisure activities. This essay will concentrate on traveling as a form of recreation. The interpretive theory will guide the researcher.
The Interpretive Theory and Travel
According to Diaz-Bernardo (2015), there are distinct contrasts between a pleasure traveler and a business traveler.The differences are seen in the way the people will select their transportation means and how they will settle at a visited place. Business travelers go for the fastest means of transport while leisure travelers would be comfortable in luxury means of transport regardless of the time the chosen means would take.

Business travelers show less concern on the quality of received services as compared to the amount paid. For business travelers, as long as the service is provided, the quality is not an issue of concern. On the contrary, the quality of a service really matters for a leisure traveler. A leisure traveler want to acquire quality services for the amount paid. They are only satisfied if the value of the service surpasses or equals to the value of the pay (Diaz-Bernardo, 2015, p.95).

The suggested variances apply for me. When I travel for leisure, all I want is to have fun. Everything I encounter should add to the pleasure. I should enjoy everything including the means of transport, the place I visit, to the services am offered at the place of visitation. When it comes to business travels, I go for cost efficient means of transport and cheaper, but convenient services.


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