the future career goals

My organizational strategy for obtaining and achieving my future career goals is based primarily on the four management roles of schedule, coordinate, lead, and monitor.
Question: My long-term career goal is to earn a Master's degree in business management so that I can contribute to my country's political and economic growth.
Plan: I want to be the best top business manager in my world, with the highest quality and technical expertise. To be effective in my profession, I must put into action my goals and ambitions of pursuing a master's degree in business administration. I also have a mission of improving my skills by enriching my knowledge in the field of study to gain experience.

Organize: The essential resource required for my career goal is obtaining the best grade that can enable me to pursue further studies. My performance in class is averagely good, and I am ambitious to proceed with my educational career. I do prepare for my future career by participating in discussion forums related to management and taking part-time classes in leadership and mentorship program.

Lead: I do have a strong dedication towards book work that motivates toil for my master degree in business administration. The technique that I would use to achieve the set goals and objectives involves spending my leisure time as a volunteer in administrative offices and working as an intern at my free time.

Control: After obtaining my master degree, I would improve my management skills by working with the government or private sectors. Joining the labor force would enable me to measure the success of my career plan by sharing my experiences with other business managers. I would also contribute towards improving the sector by coming up specialized training courses, improving management educational level and participating in business creating sector.

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