Plan of action in Life

My strategy for handling the Lot in Life scenario I selected was heavily influenced by my upbringing and personal experience. I would respond to the circumstance in the same manner as my parents did when I was just fourteen years old. I could identify to this subject on many levels as a young woman. Like many parents, I had anticipated that the idea of my teenage daughter using birth control at such a young age would make me uncomfortable. However, because I am a woman and have experienced it, I will be able to manage the situation and relate to it. I thought of the fact that I wouldn’t want my daughter to be sexually active. However I recognized from personal experience that at the age of 14 the hormones would start to kick in, she will be going into high school and begin to develop feelings for boys and family planning is a good idea and this is something that would need to be addressed. Based on my research I learned that when the day comes, I’ll know that parents are not alone. After all let’s be real here, from personal experience you can educate your daughters concerning Sex, love, STDs, and pregnancy, but as it is known they will still do what they feel like.
Based on the research I conducted concerning this scenario, I discovered that there are various questions that parents chose to consider to find the best way concerning sensitive issue about their daughters. Does the girl know the problem that is happening? If not, you will have to propose the subject carefully. It is always the best idea to nudge her gently to make acknowledgments of her initiative. For a start, you need to have an open-ended question such as, “Can you describe the relationship between you and your boyfriend?” If she opens up, it is not advisable to squelch her flow of confessions with unnecessary comments (McAlister, 2010). Instead of condemning and accusing, you should, therefore, listen to her before sharing your part. The best way is to show compassion and concern. Whatever happens, be careful that her sense of self-worth is torn with comments like ‘Am ashamed of you.’
Once the truth is revealed, the next procedure is the discussion of the consequences. One may have the idea that she should discontinue her relationship with her boyfriend, but the best way is to have a serious talk with his parents. In the meantime, the girl should be encouraged to explore her alternative ways of interacting with the opposite sex dates. For instance, making her get involved with the youth group in the church. Emphasis should also be put on the bigger picture by explaining to her concerning premarital sexual activities that may jeopardize her dreams and goals. As these discussions are ongoing, one should also emphasize the spiritual aspects. The young teenager should understand why her sexual purity. This is done by explaining to her that it’s not a matter of ‘doing the right thing,’ ‘being a good girl,’ or ‘listening to what parents say,’ but committing her life to God’s plan by devoting her mind, body, and soul. It’s only Jesus who died on behalf of her sins. Ultimately everything that revolves around her life is only in God (Jakes 2011).
One practical talk that should be discussed is to advise her to take professional medical input. An agenda that should be set is the Doctor’s evaluation so that she should be checked for signs and symptoms of STI’s and pregnancy. A good healthcare provider should also be provided. A good doctor, in this case, will be able to know whether the girl is abstinence or whether she can control her sexual impulses (Paul 2014). A quick action should also be prepared especially the one that deals with logistics in cases of any situation. For instance, they address any underlying challenges such as behavior, preparation for a possible pregnancy and the solutions to any emotional damages caused. You may also require a candid conversation with the boyfriend as well as his parents. In this case, any increase of dating and socializing patterns should immediately be restricted and suppressed. But what about the questions that was first discussed? What of the supplication of contraceptives to the girl as a way of protecting her from her urges? In this opinion, this is one thing that someone should not do. One good reason is that not only will the tactic sound like an approval of teen sexual activity but you would be communicating to the girl that she can achieve safe sex either by wearing a condom or by taking the contraceptive pills (Paul 2014). As Christians, the only safe sex known is psychological, spiritual, physical, and emotional sex.
Finally one should consider taking their daughter into counseling. When a counselor is wise, he will manage to talk more candid to the teenager about sexuality which will promote the idea of abstinence throughout her life. Any sexual activity, in this case, maybe a symptom of other problems that need to be dealt with immediately. A planned preparation to have a meeting with the counselor should also be there to deal with the causes and effect of the challenge at hand together with the family Planned Parenthood can also be helpful by talking to the kids concerning sex and sexuality. The discussion should also talk about how to delay teenagers from having sex, and how to help parents on ways to deal with sexually active teens. A good place where teenagers and parents can contact in challenges like this include the teenagers (PCP) primary care physician or call toll free 1-800-230-PLAN to find the nearest Planned Parenthood health center (Reiss 2017).
The CPC are services that children should see when they have routine check-ups for the non-medical care. In cases where the child has a mild cough, fever or rush, it is usually the role of PCP to find the cause of the condition and give solutions to the matter. One important service the PCP offers is by keeping kids from getting sick. They have a preventive care that forms a good relationship with the patients because they usually have scheduled vaccines and check-ups with the aim of establishing healthy lives for everybody (Reiss, 2017). The PCP also have specialized services like the Internists and adolescent medicine specialist who takes care of the late teens and who also have additional training for the teens. The cost for PCP for inpatient services per year is $22,898, $2955 for part B services, $ 705 for outpatient services and $713 for the E&M RVU services (Reiss, 2017).
Children love rebelling, and parents face a lot of challenges that sometimes hinder their plans of being successful because all they think is how wrong the child is. Based on my readings, I have realized and learned that many reasons cause teenage rebellion. They include the parental discipline methods, familial discord, abusive situations, and family confusion. This are the ways that one looks at when dealing with any challenges.

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