Essays on Self Esteem

Success through the lens of ego

Ego is a person's elevated sense of self-worth and self-esteem. A person's sense of self-worth is referred to as having self-esteem. Ego is a state of mind in which a person believes that they are entirely right and perfect at all times. There has never been a man who achieved...

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a Black American woman's perspective on violence: the hooks-lemonade defense

Contrary to how many people have interpreted Lemonade, Bell Hooks contends that the film promotes the glamourization of the widespread violence against women in American society. More specifically, Hook contends that the Lemonade video does not criticize the use of different body types and complexions to denigrate the bodies of...

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A stereotype

A stereotype is a widely held but unchanging belief about a specific kind of person or object. Stereotyping typically has an adverse effect on the sufferers' sense of self. One of the ways a Latina can break the stereotype is by becoming more conscious of her inner emotions and thoughts....

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The Muse of the Coyote Ugly Saloon

In "The Muse of the Coyote Ugly Saloon," the narrator exhibits low self-esteem and a dearth of self-love. The narrator of the tale acknowledges that, among all the other bartenders, she is not the prettiest girl in the establishment. This admission shows that the narrator has lower self-esteem and does...

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What Impact Does Facebook Have On Children, Adults, Or Marriage?

With more than 2.07 billion active members worldwide, Facebook is one of the most well-known social networking platforms. According to studies, this media platform is the first social network to have such a large user base globally. People of all ages, including children, young adults, and married people, use Facebook....

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Segregating certain social classes and groups of individuals is a common practice in society. It has a number of detrimental effects on people's quality of living in society. (Bennett, Janet, 293). Individuals and marginalized groups endure as a result of stereotype behavior. Since they lack access to society's essential goods and have...

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About Self-Esteem

A person's identity is defined by a variety of things. Self-esteem is a vital factor that characterizes a person. Greaney et al. (2015) define self-esteem as an important characteristic that reveals how an individual views himself/herself. The concept of self-esteem impacts people's relationships with others to such an extent that...

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the Self in Everyday Life and Social Validation

As certain components of the complex human body, humans experience a variety of traits such as self-esteem, social and general behaviors, moods, and emotions. The bulk of these are linked, however establishing the link in the relationship is a difficult and time-consuming task. From an intuitive standpoint, it may be...

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As a Psychology major, I've learned the value of self-esteem and respect. The attribution theory was the most relevant topic to my personal experiences. This theory investigates how people understand events in their life. For example, when I received a failing grade in History, I became enraged and blamed the...

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The Integrative Personal Theory

The primary goal of counseling is to initiate the self-exploration journey. It is intended to boost self-esteem and understanding of several important life ideas. Clients must be assisted in exploring, mobilizing, and developing resources effective in meeting problem solutions and successfully overcoming problems. The therapeutic process, which is relationship-centered, is...

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Political Science

Poverty is a term used to define a more holistic view of the income distribution. Poverty is considered to be a multifaceted concept. The fewer cash people are taken not because they should have cash, but rather because they may be burdened in a variety of ways, which can incorporate...

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Self Entitlement and Participation Trophies

A participation trophy is an award given to someone who has made a significant contribution to something or completed an event with a high level of success (Gatrel et al. 143). These trophies are usually given out to boost participants' self-esteem and encourage them to work harder. Trophies are widely...

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