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About Self-Esteem

A person's identity is defined by a variety of things. Self-esteem is a vital factor that characterizes a person. Greaney et al. (2015) define self-esteem as an important characteristic that reveals how an individual views himself/herself. The concept of self-esteem impacts people's relationships with others to such an extent that...

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the Self in Everyday Life and Social Validation

As certain components of the complex human body, humans experience a variety of traits such as self-esteem, social and general behaviors, moods, and emotions. The bulk of these are linked, however establishing the link in the relationship is a difficult and time-consuming task. From an intuitive standpoint, it may be...

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As a Psychology major, I've learned the value of self-esteem and respect. The attribution theory was the most relevant topic to my personal experiences. This theory investigates how people understand events in their life. For example, when I received a failing grade in History, I became enraged and blamed the...

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The Integrative Personal Theory

The primary goal of counseling is to initiate the self-exploration journey. It is intended to boost self-esteem and understanding of several important life ideas. Clients must be assisted in exploring, mobilizing, and developing resources effective in meeting problem solutions and successfully overcoming problems. The therapeutic process, which is relationship-centered, is...

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Diversity essay

I concur with Guy Winch that mental and emotional well-being are just as crucial as physical wellbeing. Psychologists study behavior and thought processes to comprehend why people behave in certain ways. Behavior and the mind are related, and psychology provides a better explanation of this link (Nordqvist, 2015). Because it...

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Political Science

Poverty is a term used to define a more holistic view of the income distribution. Poverty is considered to be a multifaceted concept. The fewer cash people are taken not because they should have cash, but rather because they may be burdened in a variety of ways, which can incorporate...

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Self Entitlement and Participation Trophies

A participation trophy is an award given to someone who has made a significant contribution to something or completed an event with a high level of success (Gatrel et al. 143). These trophies are usually given out to boost participants' self-esteem and encourage them to work harder. Trophies are widely...

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Harmful Impact of Stereotyping

Overweight and transgender persons in society are in most cases the targets of bias and stigma. The essay will discuss problems of depression, anxiety, social isolation, and low self-esteem as the harmful effects of stereotyping to the obese and transgender individuals. Overweight is often associated with bad habits of ingesting and...

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Factors that motivate people to undergo surgery

Investigating the credibility of a lookup follows several aspects like the readers' appeal, use of credible sources and use of convincing facts and facts. Furnham and Levitas article on ""Factors that motivate people to undergo surgery"" is a applicable article for analysis. The author researches on the elements making people...

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Self Esteem

Various elements provide a definition of what someone is. Self-esteem is an vital factor which defines an individual. Self-esteem is an important aspect which provides an insight into how an man or woman values him/herself. The self-esteem concept influences the relationship that people have with others to an extent that...

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Knowledge brought to me by Helping the Community Through Church

One of the lessons I learned after completing a 50-hour community service organized by the church was that it was a wonderful opportunity to participate in a community service and it helped me to develop a positive self-esteem. I could see and measure the difference that we made in the...

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Simon Sinek in Ted Talk

In guaranteeing an individual's success, Simon Sinek postulates the importance of self-motivation. Sinek justifies that a person should trust his or her intuition and persuade others using the why technique, using the realistic cases of Dr. Martin Luther King, the Wrights brothers and Apple Company. In particular, I find the...

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