Knowledge brought to me by Helping the Community Through Church

Developing a Positive Self-Esteem

One of the lessons I learned after completing a 50-hour community service organized by the church was that it was a wonderful opportunity to participate in a community service and it helped me to develop a positive self-esteem. I could see and measure the difference that we made in the neighborhood, and that made me believe that, given the requisite tools and a favorable climate, I can do something good. I discovered, thus, that working together to support the society can have a positive influence on the lives of other people. Additionally, through my participation in a community service through the church, I got an opportunity to improve my communication skills by learning how to interact with various church leaders whenever I needed materials to accomplish various tasks, as well as when I sought their guidance in performing certain duties. Besides, I had to engage myself in several conversations with fellow church members. Through such interactions, I gained great experience and learned valuable lessons in communicating with both adults and my age-mates.

Long-Term Positive Impacts

By taking part in a church-organized 50-hours community service, I got the opportunity to serve my community and learned that such services have long-term positive impacts not only on my community but also on the society at large. Besides, my participation in the community service enabled me to acquire new life skills and knowledge, as well as deliver services to those who needed it the most. Through that community service experience, I strengthened my engagement with the community by developing a strong bond with the community members. My role in the community service also sensitized me of my responsibilities as a student and as a community member.

Improving Organizational Skills

My participation in the 50-hours church-organized community service program also improved my organizational skills as I learned how to manage time and organize various tasks within the time limits provided by the church leaders. The community service program also exposed me real-life experience on how to organize myself, as well as work under time constraints. Besides, through my participation in the community service program, I learned how to talk to a group of people, and I was very impressed with the improvement in my level of courage.

Judging People by Actions, Not Appearances

Another lesson that I learned in helping the community through the church is that should never judge people by their physical appearances but by their actions. The portion of the church that took part in the community service program consisted of a few individuals who acted on behalf of the church. However, despite our small number, we were able to touch several lives in the community. The assistance we provided was greatly appreciated by the community members since it was beyond their expectation. The community members' words of appreciations also encouraged us to organize for another community service under the umbrella of the church. I felt good being appreciated for touching other people's lives through voluntary service.

Managing Emotions and Encouraging Others

Helping the community through the church also made me learn how to manage my emotions. For instance, during the service delivery process, my interactions with several people exposed me a broad range of emotions resulting from opinion differences. However, such an exposure made me understand that opposing views exist and I learned how to manage them without causing problems. Besides, I learned never to be discouraged by opposing views, and I developed the attitude of encouraging my colleagues not to give up whenever we experienced some challenges.

Individual Actions Make a Difference

I also learned that an individual's action might make a vast difference in the lives of several people in the community. Although we went to the community as a team representing the church, I realized that the community service program's success entirely depended on the team members' personal commitment to the project. In other words, without our individual responsibilities, the project would not have succeeded. Besides, our individual actions inspired several other people who did not participate in the project but sow the sense in taking part in such projects. Moreover, I learned that volunteering to assist others requires a certain degree of empathy. My experience with the processes of the community service program gave me the opportunity to connect with what members of the community were going through on a deeper level. That enhanced my ability to develop empathy for such programs.

Conclusion: The Role of Students in Serving the Community

In overall, my participation in the 50-hours community service program organized by the church gave me the opportunity to learn that even as a student, I have a significant role to play in serving the community. Besides, participation in community services forms important avenues for developing several skills that will remain helpful throughout one's life. The community service experience also taught me that one's ability to offer assistance to the community greatly depends on an individual's commitment and attitude, as opposed to financial resources.

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