Simon Sinek in Ted Talk

Importance of Self-Motivation

In guaranteeing an individual's success, Simon Sinek postulates the importance of self-motivation. Sinek justifies that a person should trust his or her intuition and persuade others using the why technique, using the realistic cases of Dr. Martin Luther King, the Wrights brothers and Apple Company. In particular, I find the short clip important to everyday experiences in the pursuit of education and progress. Sinek's speech is suitable for a wide variety of audiences, including entrepreneurs, teachers, and institutions of public service. Personally, the clip has helped me to identify the difference between successful people and failures by outlining the difference of thoughts between the two categories of people. Therefore, I acknowledge that I am the master of my fortune since why I make decisions influences the how and what I intend to achieve.

The Shift to the 'Why' Strategy

As evinced, the short clip has enabled change my perception regarding the requirements for a successful life. Primarily, the ideal way of allowing a successful academic life is shifting from the conventional approach to the why strategy. The 'why' helps a person to develop purpose and mission. In the context of education, the video has enabled me to learn to appreciate why I live and go to school. Second, I understand why the society and education stakeholders aim to ensure that every child has access to primary education throughout the world.

Supporting the Think, Act and Communicate Strategy

The content of the video shall support my studies by enabling the think, act and communicate strategy. Having listened to the talk, I realized that most people fail to emphasize the significance of self-awareness in the pursuit of their dreams. Therefore, they fail to plan that in turn leads to poor performance. Nonetheless, I intend to have an elaborate plan that conforms to the educational requirement. This shall enable me to balance the lessons as well as the social life. It also complements that why I believe the education is necessary. Second, I will internalize 'why' I have course mates from different places. This shall enable me to form a network of friends with like-minded individuals. The strategy is necessary during formation of discussion groups and completion of projects. In addition, the 'why' I am enrolled in the study discipline shall offer me the motivation to work hard and seek appropriate assistance from lecturers.

Aiming High and Building Relationships

The video also illustrates that successful persons aim high despite the challenges. I am aware that college life may comprise unintended obstructions, but I intend to focus beyond the present situation. I will also seek to communicate my belief and share with others to find an amicable solution to the complex social challenges. As illustrated in the film, unsuccessful people blame others or feel bad about the success of their peers. However, I intend to appreciate the diversity of the student body to learn from them and grow together. I believe that sharing with others is a mechanism for acquiring vast knowledge. In addition, knowing how to relate to people is also a critical tactic for having a fruitful life.

Practical Skills and Continuous Growth

Overall, the video has equipped me with the practical skills of association, self-discipline and continuous growth by learning from others. In the academic field, the information is necessary for helping students to make use of the available college resources comprising the student body, library materials, and lecturers. The students should also be proactive and do extra research to equip themselves with appropriate knowledge and skills. I intend to integrate these approaches in my college studies.

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