The Muse of the Coyote Ugly Saloon

In "The Muse of the Coyote Ugly Saloon," the narrator exhibits low self-esteem and a dearth of self-love. The narrator of the tale acknowledges that, among all the other bartenders, she is not the prettiest girl in the establishment. This admission shows that the narrator has lower self-esteem and does not believe she is as attractive as the other members of the group. (Gilbert, 4).Since she believes she is the prettiest girl in the bar, the narrator's self-image transforms at the conclusion of the narration to one of a confident woman. As much as she was a little girl, she settled fast just like her grandfather thus felt like the most beautiful girl. The story also depicts the role of women where they are stereotyped due to their behaviors. As the narrator indicates, the women expose themselves to men for them to invoke favors ad attract men (Gilbert 13). As such, they are only seen as objects hence lack of respect from their male counter parts. Apart from that, women are also stereotyped because they have to attract customers regardless of the means they have to use.

In "Sonny's blues," Sonny's brother has changed with regards to Sonny. In the beginning, Sonny's brother is distance and does not seem to understand his little brother (Sonny). As such, he does not keep contact and hence rarely writes to him (Baldwin 122). When Sonny visited, his brother was afraid because he did not know to strike a meaningful conversation. As such, he longs for Sonny to the end of the story, Sonny's brother feels a connection between him and his little brother (Sonny) and is, therefore, proud. As such, there develops a sense of understanding between the two although they do not talk much. At the end of the narration, the narrator bought Sonny a drink which could be based o different reasons. Some of the reasons include that it was a sign of an understanding thus indicating brotherly love Baldwin (146). As weLl, the narrator could have bought the drink as a way of congratulating his brother for a good performance. Apart from that, it could have been a representation of the usual habit.

In the story it's six am do you know where you are, the narrator is living this kind of life because he is heartbroken and hence a sense of loss and guilt. Apart from that, his life is dangerously indulging and therefore harmful to himself and others. He is indulging in alcohol and drugs to drown his sorrows and hence hide his worries. The narrator had a good life in the past since he was a family man and had a successful career. In future, he would like to become a writer (McInerney 20). Bread in the story is used to represent different human needs which must be acquired for one to have a satisfying life. As such, bread is used I this context symbolically. Therefore bread is used to show the different needs that a man can not survive without. Bread is used in this context because it is common and brings out the meaning without any hidden revelations (McInerney 30). Apart from that, bread is suitable for such a representation because it stands for both food and other needs and therefore readers can easily understand and grasp the narrator message.

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