Factors that motivate people to undergo surgery

Investigating the credibility of a lookup follows several aspects like the readers' appeal, use of credible sources and use of convincing facts and facts. Furnham and Levitas article on ""Factors that motivate people to undergo surgery"" is a applicable article for analysis. The author researches on the elements making people have the urge of obtaining cosmetic surgery. The perception of attractiveness is the most important contributing factor motivating people to undergo plastic surgical treatment. The insight of how attractive a person determines the stage of self-esteem. Physical attractiveness thus influences the decision on synthetic ways of enhancing attraction. The authors use qualitative and statistical methods for the research. Furthermore, they refer to previous studies on evolution and psychological development of cosmetic surgery. This paper analyses Furnham’s article on the factors that motivate people to undergo plastic surgery.The authors begin by describing the sampling process used in the research. The assessment of the self-esteem, the life evaluation and the self-rated level of attractiveness. The authors continue by discussing some analysis factors motivating people to get plastic surgery: low self-esteem and low self-rating in the society’s perception of what attractiveness is.Throughout their article, Furnham and Levitas refer to previous studies conducted to strengthen the research’s credibility and to build on her ethos as wells as her argument. The sample studies in her article include the meta- analysis of 900 studies by Langlois et al. that proves that in a society physical attractiveness influences how a person is treated (Furnham & Levitas 48). Treatment based on the physical appearance leads to low self-esteem and thus the urge to change the physical appearance.To add on, both writers use strong appeals to her logos and thus adding to her ethos appeal. She uses qualitative and statistical analysis to support her research. Pointing facts on the increase in cosmetic surgery procedure as underpinned by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery makes the research to be credible. The statistical numbers used in the study shows the increase in the prevalence, evolution, and accessibility of plastic surgery in the western countries making the research relevant as it is important to determine the factors motivating people to undergo cosmetic surgery.Moreover, the authors use high pathos appeal in the abstract and the discussion section. She discusses that low self-esteem is the primary factor that is likely to motivate a person to undergo a cosmetic alteration in their appearance. She furthers explains that people with low self- esteem are likely to fall into a depression and might be in need of cognitive therapy. Therefore, creating a sympathetic image to readers. How she portrays people with low self-rated physical attractiveness by the society makes readers have tender emotions.The authors achieve Logos appeal, as the article based on extensive research. The article was rational on the chosen studies and analysis methods for the research. Categories of the research based on sex where it conducted research on both male and females, religious belief of the society and the society’s perception on physical attractiveness. The article appeals to readers logical reasoning as it touches on every person in the community.However, at the end of the article Furnham and Levitas lack the same level of efficiency of the ethos appeals. At the beginning of the article, the focus was on the factors that motivate people to have plastic surgery while reaching the conclusion she writes that the focus is on religious beliefs and attitude towards plastic surgery (Furnham & Levitas 49). The reader had focused on all the factors and how they influence people to get cosmetic surgery, but the author ends up concluding or rather focusing on one single factor. This ruins the readers’ zeal and thus ruining the acquired strength of the article and its standing.In conclusion, the author begins her article by giving the results from a sampling method on the factors that motivates people to acquire plastic surgery. The sample measures where self- esteems, self-rated physical attractiveness, life satisfaction, religion and media consumption. However, she loses her power on the article towards the end by placing all the emphasis on religion and not all the sampling measures. The authors use strong appeals like the ethos, pathos, and Logos in her article to catch all the readers’ attention. It is evident that the author did a good job when writing the research and thus it suits be a credible research article.Works citedFurnham, Adrian, and James Levitas. "Factors that motivate people to undergo surgery." The Canadian Journal of Plastic Surgery, vol. 20, no. 4, 2012, p. e47–e50, NCBI. www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3513261/. Accessed 29 Apr. 2017.Sutton, Gabriel. Rhetorical Analysis: Lloyd F. Bitzer’s The Rhetorical Situation. Grin, 2010.Dear reader,The rhetorical analysis “factors that motivates people to undergo plastic surgery” discusses on the employed persuasive appeals used by the author in writing. The employment of the ethos, pathos, and logos in writing proves the credibility of the article. The qualitative and statistics method used is evident of the extensive research done. The article is, therefore, a credible and relevant piece of research to all the interested readers. Information from the article can be used for academic and other related researches, as it is a reliable piece of information. As a reader, I recommend it to all interested to read it and analyze it further.Thank you in advance as you makes an overview of the article to review its credibility.Yours sincerely,Fellow reader.

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