Essays on Medicine

Data Visualization

The questionnaires are closed ended and they will be self-administered. The assumption made in this exercise of data collection is that all the respondents-parents of the children are literate. The questions will be simple and short. Presenting the questionnaires in person to the parents and caregivers during social events or...

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WIC Nutrition Program

Situation: Due to income shortages, some households are not able to give nutritious food to pregnant and breastfeeding mothers hence the need for this program Inputs Activities Outputs Impacts The logical framework above indicates that the WIC nutrition program is effective since the project seems to be achieving its main...

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The Importance of Data Analysis in Research

Kindly note that if a source was in the previous paper and not in this final it is because the student had listed it and did not use it in citation so I have removed it. In addition, some of the sources may seem to have different names because in...

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Ethical Issues in Drug Use During Pregnancy

From: Healthcare Administrator, Alabama Date: 19th October 2017 Subject: Ethical Dilemma: Conducting Drug Tests without Consent in Alabama In many states of the U.S., the use of drugs during pregnancy is illegal under the chemical endangerment to the newborns as they may grow dependent on the same (Martin, 2015). As a result,...

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The Importance of Doctor/Patient Communication

Dr. Danielle Ofri on the Importance of Effective Doctor-Patient Communication Dr. Danielle Ofri is correct to state that the single most powerful diagnostic tool remains the doctor/patient effective communication. Speaking at Mayo Clinic in 2017, on closing the gap between a doctor and a patient, she insists that in order for...

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The Importance of Epidemiology in Public Health

Critiques determinants and measurements of health and disease in epidemiology, public health and promotion of health and disease prevention. The research aims at examining the range of factors that are responsible for influencing the health status of individuals and the population as a whole....

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Special Consent Requirement for Blood Transfusion

i. Sufficient disclosure of information Information about the special procedure is disclosed to the patient according to subjective, reasonable, and professional community standards. It is required that the patient discusses his or her medical condition with the physician and is aware of potential treatment procedures or alternative treatments and the risks...

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The Use of Non-Medical Prescribed Medicine Among College Students

In today’s world, the use of non-medical prescribed medicine has now become a catastrophic issue as it increasingly increases the use of the illicit drug among the college students. According to research, the use of medicine under the stimulant prescription for non-medical use has now become a clinical concern for...

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Analysis of Skewness

Skewness Skewness is asymmetrical in a statistical distribution, where the curve appears distorted or concentrated either to the left or to the right. Skewness can be used to define the extent to which a distribution differs from normal distribution. When a curve or distribution in a graph is classical or symmetrical,...

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The International Consensus Statement on ADHD

There have been many concerns from the medical fraternity about the position of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) as an acknowledged health condition that has affected children and is continuing to change many. The International Consensus statement on ADHD is a general statement on the position of the faction of...

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Despite the existence of numerous meanings, outliers are understood as data points which are far outside the standard for a population or a variable. The outlier could be an observation or a reading that is too different from other readings to the extent that it raises suspicion in regards to...

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Outlier Analysis

Outliers are data point(s) that deviate so much from the others that suspicions of having been generated through a different mechanism from the rest are aroused, or an indication of an error having been committed while compiling the data (Cressie, 2015). Special cases of outliers are fringeliers, which are data...

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