Essays on Medicine

Marijuana legalization in Maryland

One of the most contentious issues in today’s culture, especially in the United States, is the legalization of marijuana, which tends to split public and expert opinion equally. Numerous conferences across the country continue to be dominated by the subject, and the debates are often heated. The debate basically pits…

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About Medical Marijuana as a Gateway Drug

Medical marijuana is a term that refers to the use of unprocessed or whole cannabis plants, or their primary extracts, to relieve various effects of diseases and disorders (Chu 121). The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States has not licensed or accepted marijuana as a medicine. Various…

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The Legalization of Medical Marijuana (Position Paper)

For a long time, many countries around the world have been troubled by the debate about whether cannabis can be legalized. When making a major federal decision like this, certain political factors must be considered. Nonetheless, prior to America’s enlightenment, most civilizations in the country had harnessed the Cannabis sativa…

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Final Plans for Cassini

The key purpose of the final plans for the Cassini mission is to plot the gravity of Saturn as well as the magnetic arena to unveil the way this planet is structured inwardly and to hypothetically have a solution to the enigma of how rapidly Saturn is rotating. The method…

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quantum physics

Discuss quantum physics and how Thi Lam feels the Deductive-Nomological (D-N) Paradigm of Explanation is difficult. Quantum mechanics is one of the most powerful scientific theories ever established, the interpretations and predictions of which have been confirmed by experiments. It is the perfect cornerstone of scientific physics that describes the…

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Is there a need to be an organ donor?

One of the biggest miracles of today’s science is the successful transplantation of human organs into patients that would otherwise die. The Department of Health and Human Services indicates that there are actually 119,000 people in the United States, enough to populate a small town, waiting for organ donation. Thousands…

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How Sampling Errors Affect Credibility of Secondary Data Sources

How Errors Sampling Affect Secondary Data Sources In certain observational experiments, sampling challenges are already present and need to be resolved in order to maintain the credibility of the results of the study. The perception of adequate sampling is primarily used in secondary data sources to suggest that the survey…

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Values Obtained by a Formulae

I used additional formulas in Excel to determine for various parties the cumulative voting in order to conclude that which party will succeed. You start with = sign first and then click on the cells you want to add. For instance; This was used to calculate possible lose for UP…

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OECD And Canada Child Poverty Levels

This paper provides an overview of two reports: Campaign 2000 Child and Family Poverty Card in Canada, 2016, and OECD Child Poverty Report, 2013. A comparison of the assessment of child poverty and the advantages of the various indicators used is provided in both studies. In addition, the paper aims…

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Interpersonal Spacing

As a field of study, the research project 1 builds on interpersonal separation. This included learning how near or far people are wherever they are located. For the analysis, data have been gathered, interpreted and analysed. Data interpretation and analysis are used as the basis for observations. The tool used…

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Sociology as an art

Sociology as an art deals with the study of social constructions; it includes studying the ideas of culture and their consequences for the actions and attitudes of man. I find this course particularly interesting as a high school student, as I can learn about the various types of societies with…

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Keeping Up with the Quants Book Report

This book represents a sensitive introduction to the use of market analytics. The authors reflect critical thought and give any organization a framework as such. The authors presume that the reader would not necessarily quantify, but organize the way to make better business decisions using analytics. The community of interests…

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