Essays on Medicine

Nutrition and Health

This document is a summary of the book “The Worst Mistake in Human History.” According to Jared Diamond (1987), the adoption of agriculture was the worst mistake ever made in the history of humanity. Approximately 10,000 years ago, during the agricultural revolution, this occurred. As Diamond points out, the error…

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Modern medicine versus traditional medicine and natural treatment

Over time, healthcare has become an increasingly important aspect of society. More research is still being done to find better diagnosing, treating, and preventing illnesses and diseases. As a result, the field of medicine has undergone significant change, as new ways of dealing with human and animal health have been…

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Summary of Nutrition-Related Article from the Internet

The Public Library of Science published an article titled Nutrition and Health – The Association between Eating Behavior and Various Health Parameters: A Matched Sample Study. Nathalie, Johanna, Franziska, and Wolfgang wrote the article, which was reprinted in 2014. It’s seven pages long and filled with scientific data. Diet has…

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Diet for Diabetics

One of the most important aspects of human health is food and nutrition. Food plays an important role in the body’s immunity and infection resistance. The nurse must ensure that the patients’ lives are maintained, which includes not only the use of synthetic medicine but also proper nutrition. In other…

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Medical Ethics

Strength required is 85mg, Stock strength is 100mg in 5mL 85 5 85 425 20 1 100 1 100 5 =4.25ML stockvolume required volume mL mL mL stock Volume required is 4.25 mL. 2 Strength required is 70mg, Stock strength is 10g in 200mL First change the g to mg…

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Donating Platelets

Ciana Jones wrote this essay to show her students why it was necessary to donate platelets and convince them to donate more. The article starts by pointing out that blood loss is the only thing in common with burning, injuries and firearms abuse. It often occurs more frequently that blood…

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Euthanasia’s Morality and PAS

The global controversy has centered on whether euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide (PAS) are moral actions in the medical profession. Kelly Crocker supports the legalization of euthanasia in hospitals in her paper, Why Euthanasia and Physician-Assisted Suicide are Morally Permissible. According to the author, studies have focused on Euthanasia and PAS…

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Therapy and enhancement

It is important for medical professionals and patients to understand the difference between improvement and care. Enhancements play a supporting role in the treatment of diseases, according to Tiwari, Ruchi Tiwari, Demetra S. Tsapepas, Jaclyn T. Powell, and Spencer T. Martin (2013). Health professionals are at a fork in the…

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Nutrition and Food Consumption in Saudi Arabia

The analysis and evaluation of supply trends are part of studying a given place’s diet and food consumption patterns. The method is focused on significant food per capita and supply-related variables. For example, consider the economy, which is the most crucial factor to consider when researching food consumption. During the…

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Healthy diet and pregnancy

The aim of this article was to educate the public about the value of good nutrition while pregnant. Tanha, Mohseni, Ghajarzadeh, and Shariat (121) studied the changes in eating patterns and smoking habits of 485 prenatal care patients. According to the paper, the mother’s health and behavior influence the child’s…

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Social science- Interpersonal spacing

A area of research that examines many social problems and relationships is social science. It covers socially relevant issues and recommends how to tackle those issues by taking average and normal steps. Project 1 of the research is focused on interpersonal spacing as a study field. This included the study…

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Natural Supplements

Natural supplements, also known as nutritional supplements, are minerals, vitamins, medicinal or botanical ingredients, amino acids, probiotics, antioxidants, and fiber that are eaten to augment a person’s diet by supplying extra foods that are not consumed in adequate quantities to enhance optimal health (Valavanidis 69). Aside from the typical substances…

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