Motivation and emotion

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Motivation and emotion are often viewed as two aspects of psychology that seem to share a cause-and-effect relationship. Motivation is characterized as something that induces or drives a person to act and conduct in order to accomplish the desired goal, while emotions are the feelings that emerge from the motivation or drive, the acts that result from the motive, and the accomplishment or failure of the desired goal. Motivation, in general, can be characterized as a force that energizes, directs, and actuates actions. On the other hand, emotion can generally be defined as the subjective and conscious experience, which is featured by states of mind, biological reactions, and physiological expressions such as facial expressions (Buck, 1988). The topic of motivation and emotion has greatly impacted my life because I have recognized that motivation is very essential in performing all forms of behavior, and any changes in motivation reflects on the behavior of an individual. Even when a behavior is learned, it cannot be executed unless it is stimulated and energized.

My knowledge of the topic on motivation and emotion will greatly change the manner in which I react with others because I now understand that people are more likely to execute things that they hope will bring positive emotions like happiness and satisfaction than things that might bring them sorry or any hurt.

In conclusion, there is a strong relationship between emotions and motivation. I believe that emotions are rewards or punishments for a given motivated behavior. For example, giving an incentive in the workplace will motivate the employees to be productive, which in turn will make them to be paid well, thereby increasing their satisfaction.

Summary of the Topic “Personality”

The topic of personality deals with individual differences in thinking characteristic patterns, feeling and behaving. The study focuses on understanding individual variances in particular characteristics of personality like irritability or sociability, and the manner in which the different parts of an individual come together as a whole (Michel, Shoda & Smith, 2004). The topic has impacted my life greatly as I have come to the understanding that the development of an individual affects their attitudes, values, social relationships, personal memories, skills and habits. The personality of every person drives each to think, behave and feel in a specific manner, thereby making each person to be unique. It is for this reason that I will learn how to treat each and every person differently because the personal expectations, values, attitudes and perceptions are influenced differently throughout development.

My knowledge of personality will change the manner in which I perceive others at home, college, and at my workplace in future, because I recognize that every person is different because personality entails a combination of traits as well as patterns that influence their thoughts, motivation, emotions and behavior. I believe that it is very important to appreciate the diversity of peoples’ personality to be effective in communication and coordination of activities. Giving an extra effort to understand and accept personalities of others around me is very significant in production of quality decisions as I will be at a position to understand why people act the way they do and how to get the most out of them.

In conclusion, the topic of personality is very important in understanding people. Genetically, an individual is different from another individual, and it is only when one understands the surrounding people when he or she becomes successful in any interactions with them.


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