lie, truth, communication_“The Ways We Lie”

Lying can by an action or a statement which is purposely advanced to hide the truth or the real nature of a situation. Besides, it can be anything that is meant or gives a false impression. These two definitions say that there are different types of lies. In this case,…

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Truth serum usage research

The utilization of the truth serum would be to coerce individuals to the telling of the truth in any given situation. There are a range of pros to the usage of the truth serum one of which include that it’s the fine alternative as opposed to the use of torture…

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About nonverbal communication

Non-verbal communication is a type of communication that uses the facial expression, eye contact, and vocal characteristics to convey information. It’s still hard for most people to connect without using non-verbal cues. Such hints allow the interlocutors to decide the truth of their language and the true emotions that cannot…

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Test called the Fourth Truth

The correspondence test allows an occurrence or objects to fit a proposal to be called real in the outside world. For example, it is true that a car is in the garage if a car is actually in the garage at the time of making. The most valid criterion for…

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Liar Liar

Whereas humankind has executed various ground-breaking fetes, simple tasks such as telling the reality always still prove challenging. As a result, it turns into a common phenomenon for people constantly to inform lies. In light of this situation, Stephanie Ericsson examines various ways in which we lie, the more than…

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