The Tripartite Theory of Knowledge

I. For each of the following statements, fill in the blank with a ‘T’ or an ‘F’ to indicate whether the statement is true or false (1 point each). (10 pts) 1. __F___ On the tripartite theory of knowledge, truth is a sufficient condition for knowing. 2. __T___ Gettier claimed that justification...

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Ethics of Untruthfulness

I was very excited to attend the annual Asian festival, especially with the company of one of my closest friends who had left our neighborhood five years ago to live in another city. Lucy Johnson grew up in my neighborhood, and we attended the same school and played all sorts...

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The Truth in Rashomon

Kurosawa uses different narrators with flashbacks to narrate Rashomon story. The story is a crime-drama highlighting a murder of a samurai and the trial that is ensuing. Using flashbacks, the stories from three narrators -woodcutter, a priest and a commoner- differ drastically with a slight constant truth that the samurai...

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Academic English

A fact is something that has been shown to be true or to exist; it is a quality that heavily depends on the reality, veracity, actuality, and certainty of the topic under consideration. An opinion, in contrast to a truth, is a viewpoint that cannot be proven. An assertion that asserts a...

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Winston in Winston

Winston joined the Ingsoc movement after the same movement's revolt claimed the lives of his family. He developed a distaste for the Ingsoc way of life while working in the ministry of truth as an adult and believed he could alter the situation. He and Julia shared the same mentality,...

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Incentive Grants law and Truth-in-Sentencing

A group of statutes known as "truth-in-sentencing" are concerned with prisoner sentencing. These laws' main goal is to create guidelines for the justice system that would allow for the elimination of discretionary parole releases and the introduction of a more open punishment system. TIS policies make sure that the prisoner's...

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Religious exclusivism

According to Williams (2013), religious exclusivism is the conviction that an individual's religious belief is the sole proper and correct position, and that all others are false and incorrect. That is, the belief that just one major theistic system has the truth, whereas others are incorrect, misguided, or far from...

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High energy physicists

High energy physicists present their views and expressions at conferences about projects or scientific findings from their fields of study. Overhead projectors with the lights turned off are used at the conventions. They always turn their backs away from the lighted truth, as a "priest can do while turning his...

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Marquis De Sade Rhetorical Argument against Religion

In a direct attack on truth and religion, as well as the necessity for a suitable replacement, two authors discuss human nature and their proclivity to embrace dogmas and half-truths as truths, and so live up to and passing down these false teachings from generation to generation. Friedrich Nietzsche and...

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The truth of reason: empiricism and rationalism

Reason's truth is critical in developing a grasp of the various notions that surround us. Skepticism is the polar opposite, in which meaning and reason are avoided. Descartes held that truth comes from God, who directed all of his reasoning and intuition. Reality is usually comparable and refers to the...

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Making Sense of Knowledge and Its Paradoxes

The facts and information we gain through experience or education are referred to as knowledge (Caso 1309). Yet, the relevance of this knowledge is relative. We may have knowledge about a specific issue, but there is no guarantee that this information is factual or comes from credible sources. As a...

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The official rightful story of partisan gerrymandering

The truth behind the official narrative of political gerrymandering is bleak. The paper discusses Nicholas O. Stephanopoulos and Eric M. McGhee's work on partisan gerrymandering and the efficiency gap. Since they had never established any district plans on this basis, the courthouses did not recognize the grounds of action until...

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