Reading of Literature

According to Belsey, reading literature offers insight into the author’s world, whether past or current, and assists in the recognition of the meaning, setting, and multiple variables that help in answering the different questions asked by the audience (27). However, it is wrong to conclude that all writing is founded…

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lie, truth, communication – “The Ways We Lie”

In this work, I want to talk about the idea of deception, the motives for lying, and the different kinds of lies that are told every day. Deception is an event or assertion that is meant to obscure the facts or the true meaning of a circumstance. Furthermore, it may…

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The Truth about Gardening

Gardening, in general, is the practice or art of growing a piece of land or ground with the primary goal of planting vegetables and flowers. In reality, with the exception of child procreation, the art of gardening is the most positive and optimistic activity of all human activities. As a…

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Why Did Jesus Tell the Rich Ruler to Sell Everything He Owned?

When a young rich ruler came to Jesus to ask what he needed to do to inherit eternal life, Jesus Christ asked if he understood the commandments, and he accepted that he had obeyed all of them since he was a child. Jesus responded to him by saying, “If you…

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Rosie the Riveter Poster – A Visual Rhetoric Analysis

A visual rhetoric is a photo or a short video that is used to convey a message to a particular group of people. It is the method of deriving meaning from images in the same way as one can deduce meaning from verbal or audio messages, and it can be…

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Brave New World relevance to the society

Despite being published in 1932, Huxley’s novel, Brave New World, chronicles several topics and themes that are important to today’s moral culture. From the risks of technological progress to class struggles, Brave New World portrays a future in which people will find it impossible to protect their privacy. Again, Huxley…

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Utilitarianism’s Possibilities

Humans are taught to accept the moral truths of their actions, which is the foundation of morality. However, utilitarianism contradicts fundamental moral beliefs while re-establishing the line between good and evil. Thus, utilitarianism is the concept that an action’s moral worth is explicitly determined by its cumulative utility in maximizing…

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The Tell-Tale Heart

The protagonist of Poe’s “The Tell-Tale Heart” is a fine example of an untrustworthy narrator, portraying a character who cannot be trusted to tell the simple truth of what is really happening. He explicitly demonstrates his unreliability in the first paragraph of the novel, where he is caught concentrating on…

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Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe, an American author, and editor noted for his literary work was a key figure in the Romantic Movement and a pioneer in the genre of detective novel and poetry writing. He is one of the best-known writers who often gives his own life to each of his…

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lie, truth, communication_“The Ways We Lie”

Lying can by an action or a statement which is purposely advanced to hide the truth or the real nature of a situation. Besides, it can be anything that is meant or gives a false impression. These two definitions say that there are different types of lies. In this case,…

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Truth serum usage research

The utilization of the truth serum would be to coerce individuals to the telling of the truth in any given situation. There are a range of pros to the usage of the truth serum one of which include that it’s the fine alternative as opposed to the use of torture…

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Test called the Fourth Truth

The correspondence test allows an occurrence or objects to fit a proposal to be called real in the outside world. For example, it is true that a car is in the garage if a car is actually in the garage at the time of making. The most valid criterion for…

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