The Truth about Gardening

Gardening, in general, is the practice or art of growing a piece of land or ground with the primary goal of planting vegetables and flowers. In reality, with the exception of child procreation, the art of gardening is the most positive and optimistic activity of all human activities. As a result, the art of gardening necessitates someone who can prepare ahead of time and trusts in the long-term success of anything he or she has planned, regardless of the length of the gardening operation. In this essay, the art of gardening is applied in metaphorical form to pass out the information about the need to care about our environment. In that regard, it would be fair to agree the act or the art of gardening can be associated with the act of shifting our effect and behaviors to achieve environmental sustainability. In addition, if we cannot have and take care of a simple vegetable garden around our homes, then it would be very hard to claim taking care of the environment around us. In fact, all form charity begins at home.
To begin, it is very important to review the importance of taking care of plants such garden vegetables. We cannot afford breathing, eat, and even drink without the plants around us. It is like, no plant no life. Assuming the garden is the only place with plant around us, the need to take care of the garden is openly visible. Gardening activities or chores like watering, mulching, weeding, and harvesting are important for the wellbeing of the garden plants, simple because our lives depend largely on the plant’s products. Without proper care of the garden, plants are at a high risk of withering and finally dying off. The chores are just some of the greatest ways of augmenting a regime of exercise for the healthy stay of the garden life. Most often, gardening is never a substitute for an aimed strength and cardio training; it should rather be viewed as combining low impact exercise with other benefits we can find when taking care of the larger environment.
Taking sometimes both in the morning and evening attending to garden vegetables is not just for fun, but is a great way of showing care to the environment. Also, it is a big fun in doing so since many researchers have confirmed that being in a natural environment is associated to lowering of blood pressure, and improves once concentration as well as reduction of stress. Gardening is a special way of communing with the nature and to human’s life; it has proven to be one of the most significant factors in avoiding a number of human diseases and disorders.
Vegetable gardening guarantees us good feelings of being self-sufficiency. Having sufficient homegrown or garden produce is definitely able to help easing our concern and fear about providing for our families and friends in case anything would tamper the usual economical infrastructure we depend upon. People who are partial to vegetable gardening can easily consider the extent to which the society owes great deal on the significant of the vegetables on the daily diet of human. Vegetable form part of our daily meals and it true no single table would be set up without vegetable or a product of the vegetable. This demonstrates clearly the important of taking care of garden plant, in other words, great important of taking care of the environment.
Embarking on the actual practice of gardening, there are quite a lot to learn about the need to care of the environment as well as what the gardener undergoes or experiences in taking care of the garden. It is true that some plant simply grow on their own, however, nothing much would be expected from such plants as it is normally the case with the plant taken care of in the garden. This fact offers us the basic concept for understanding the role and the need for gardening in the development of plants including vegetables. Each plant species requires special attention and understanding this would help the gardener to move forward in working closely on each individual plant and groups of a particular plant species by attaining the right education regarding the needs of certain individual plant species as well as the different situations in which various plant species are.
Reflecting on the important of gardening serves as one of the most important avenues to express the dire need to take care of the environment. Take for instance, flower as a product of gardening, flowers are used to accompany each and every ceremony or ritual function such as birthdays, baby showers, housewarmings, dates, funerals, and weddings. All these are forms of happiness expression which are directly attributed to the art of gardening. In other words, taking good care of the environment has a reward of happiness to the family and friend around us.
Secondly, gardening itself is a form of education, for instance, it is completely difficult to take a whole day working in a garden without having to learn something new about the nature. It is a simple and cheap learning system with no any prerequisite requirements, say tuition fees or grade. When gardening, we normally find ourselves trying to figure out the maximum total area and run for each region of drip irrigation scheme, design and developing some perfectly raised bed as well as manually pollination squashy through use of hand so as to at least save some seed for the next season of planting. In other words, for effective and successful gardening, there is a great need for creativity, planning and problem solving skills. Similarly, for us to be successful in protecting the environment, the same skills including creativity, planning and problem solving are compulsory. Nevertheless, planting, watering, and harvesting in gardening does not need any form of supplementary reading; likewise, protecting our environment also does not requirement prior education or skills and therefore, no one should have excuses for not taking care of the environment he or she living in. Both for gardening and environment, all the activities are dictated by the occurrence of different season periods. It is beyond any doubt that there are always quite a lot to learn in gardening that even the highly educated and the most avid gardener will at all cost never find for themselves without something to learn about particularly when waiting the tilted ground to thaw.
Gardening, especially community gardening does much than just bringing people living in the society together. The existence of garden in the community improves our social interaction with each other. Besides, it is confirmed that crime rates in big cities decreases with increase in the number of accessible gardens as well as green spaces. In fact, this can be due to fact that working as community in a single garden space helps in fostering the great sense of personal agency, stewardship and ownership which subsequently boosts the interest of the people in social and cultural activism and other associated forms of community initiatives for common development of the environment. Metaphorically, gardening presents the environment around us and taking care of the environment would definitely bring about societal unity through social interaction. Besides, viewing gardening as a group is great sense of activity; however, for the people seeing gardening as a pursuit of solidarity, a social interaction respite and a mood apart, there are still quite a number of ways for them to positively contribute to the society through the gardening effort. Just like the protection of our environment, gardening improves the value of properties, not only for the home of the garden alone but also for the entire neighborhood as a whole. Even though we may like doing our garden activities all alone, but there still numerous opportunities for us to share perennials, produce and even cut flowers together with our friends and neighbors around us; likewise, the protection of the environment which indeed shows the need for us to take care of our environment as a community.
To narrow down by focusing on the steps and care of the vegetable garden, following the right procedure in caring has associated causes and effects on the garden. Similar to the environment, a healthy and productive vegetable garden begins by taking the right steps for caring. Majority of the vegetable plants do well in same garden conditions and demands for only a little attention chores such as simple watering, and fertilization so as to grow well. Caring of vegetable garden however involves six main important steps;
Select the locally adapted vegetable varieties; this normally helps in choosing the right vegetable variety that can grows well in soil of the identified garden area. At this step, vegetable variety that has the capability of resisting diseases and drought can be selected depending on the condition of the gardening ground. Likewise, poor choice of trees to plant within a certain environment would cause stunted growth of the trees, hence leading to unhealthy environment.
Plant the vegetable at the right time; failure to plant vegetables at the right time would cause poor or zero harvest form the vegetable planted. Similar, if a certain environmental protection activity such planting tree is not done on the right time, then this would lead to lack of trees to attract rainfall thus affecting the pattern of rainfall by leading to drought.
Prepare of the soil properly before planting; if vegetable is planted on poorly cultivated soil, then there is high possibility of poor harvest. Similarly, when no properly preparation are made to conserve our environment, dangerous calamities like drought and flood are likely to strike our environment thus affecting human lives.
Plant properly; vegetable seeds should be sowed at the right space and depth, otherwise overcrowding of the vegetables which would lead to poor health of vegetables, thus affecting the produce. Similarly, when the environment is not taken care of at all time would definitely cause adverse effects to the living things thus affecting the normal life.
Consistent watering; Vegetables require consistent watering without which plants would weather and subsequently affect the produces. Metaphorically, when trees in our surrounding are not properly watered, they would dry up and thus affecting the human and other living things within the environment.
Regular fertilizing; when vegetables are not properly given enough fertilizers, they would lack sufficient nourishment and therefore nothing much would be expected as produce. Similarly, when the environment is not properly nurtured, it is obvious that undesirable outcome is likely occur including drought, flooding and so on which would expose the human and other living things into serious dangers.
Eliminate weeds regularly; weeds distracts the normal growth of the vegetables and competes for the limited nutrients with the vegetables and when not eliminated appropriately, would deprive the vegetable the nutrients and the freedom to grow. Similarly, environment distraction factors such as cutting down of trees, destruction of trees by animals, pollution and so should be eliminated to ensure conducive surrounding for trees for develop for better and healthy environment, otherwise would causing extinct of trees and animal species, which would denies man the a variety depend on.
In conclusion, taking care of garden is similar to taking care of the entire environment around us; the ultimate and actual truth about garden. One cannot claim to take good care of the environment he or she lives if even affording as simple vegetable garden around is a problem. Also, the benefits of taking good cares of the environment are best explained when liken to the benefits a gardener receives out his or her garden around. Therefore, it is our obligation to consider protecting our environment for the good our own and the communities in which we live.

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