Bicycle Industry in Israel

According to Israel Central Bureau of statistics, the country had a population of 8,855,000 people. There are slightly more males than females with the ratio of male to female estimated at 1.05. Approximately 75% of the population are Jews and 20% are Arabs. The rest of the immigrants are about...

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The Role of Dance in Cultural Identity

A culture comprises of people who belong to a certain social group. Such individuals share common values and beliefs. Therefore, the purpose of culture is to develop a sense of community among the individuals. Culture is an important aspect of life that holds people together. Dance is one of the...

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Comparison Between Online Shopping and Traditional Shopping Malls

The technological advancement seen in the 21st century has changed the world into a global village. The availability of technologies like the internet has altered lifestyle a great deal and today everything can now be done via online and shopping is not an exception. The growth of online shopping has...

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The Impact of School Gardens on Students

The article by Caitlin Flanagan in the Atlantic Magazine titled “Cultivating Failure” highlights a wide range of arguments with respects to school gardens and how they affect students’ performance at school. Caitlin’s argument is that these gardens are stripping students of valuable time to become “educated”. The exact words are...

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Why People Garden

Gardening is one of the most favorite hobbies of many people, therefore, so many of us like gardens and find something special and peculiar in them. One may admit that garden is not merely a place, where plants and trees grow. It is a part of the universe, where the...

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Breakdance in Haiti

When the African, as slaves, were introduced to the Caribbean island of Haiti, the carried among them their cultural and ritual traditions. Dances and songs from various regions of Africa, as well as from the diverse ethnic groups, crossed paths and blended to create a new uniquely Haitian expression. Some...

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Garba Dance

The Garba Dance also termed as Garaba refers to an Indian dance mostly performed during special occasions as well as festivals in Gujarat India. The word Garba was historically derived from the Sanskrit term Garbha which translates to “womb” and Deep which generally refers to “light inside a pot”; hence,...

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The Role of Dancing in Mental Health

Compare and Contrast Choreographer Nina Martin and Barbara Dilley Nina Martin and Barbara Dilley are among the renowned choreographers in the dancing fraternity. The contribution of the two has introduced and strengthened dancing techniques in performing art. What makes the two unique in the performing art sector is that they both...

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Bugaku as an Object of Fashion

Victoria and Albert Museum contains various items and collections including those related to fashion. Some of these fashion items include the Bugaku, which was created by George Balanchine after being inspired by the Gakaku (a group of dancers and musicians maintained by the Japanese Imperial Household), who visited the United...

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The Art of Liz Lerman

Liz Lerman was born in 1947 in Los Angeles but was brought up in Milwaukee. She attended college at Bennington and later at Brandeis University. She proceeded to earn a B.A in dance from Maryland University and a Masters from the George Washington University. She made most of her artistic...

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The Sleeping Beauty: A History of Choreography

Choreography refers to the art of designing dance moves to fit a given musical best. Mainly, it involves ordering sequences of body movements lain over the period of a song, often for ballet or staged dances (Sita 6). There are numerous choreographies created over the years, and the courses therein...

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The Role of Dance in Indian Classical Dance

During the dance course, I learned several aspects of dance.  The first classes led to the understanding that indeed that dance is an art that takes into account various aspects such as coordination and alignment of the body. Dance entails choreography in which a dancer plans and arranges the dance...

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