Brave New World relevance to the society

Despite being published in 1932, Huxley's novel, Brave New World, chronicles several topics and themes that are important to today's moral culture. From the risks of technological progress to class struggles, Brave New World portrays a future in which people will find it impossible to protect their privacy. Again, Huxley demonstrates that embryos would be chemically processed to ensure that they fall into a certain class, and this is also apparent. According to the author, these children are hypnotized into accepting governmental ideologies as absolute reality. The book shows that there is the use of narcotics, Soma, as an instant anti-depressant which is worrying. Currently, the ethicality of in vitro fertilization (IVF) and intra-uterine insemination (IUI) is equally comparable to the idea of the book. As the society shifts, the relevance and importance of the ideas stipulated in Brave New World unfold to the modern world. Notably, the present society has significantly revolutionized, and the rapid changes have majorly occurred in the past ten years. Indeed, through the advancement of the internet as well as the capitalism and electronic entertainment, the relevance of Huxley’s postulations cannot be left unnoticed (Baker 3). What is more strikingly familiar with the current society from the book is the enforcement of the consumer society. Huxley only wrote this book in a satirical form. However, the applicability of the consumer society holds more weight to the modern world. Huxley took a great move in predicting the future basing on the sustained emphasis on economic growth by societies. Undoubtedly, it is almost a century when Huxley alluded that the societal focus on the consumerist concept would take a critical turn. People are currently more indoctrinated with phrases which cement the beliefs they have for the need of consumerist and capitalist as a way of living. Due to this, the constant wheel of fashion spins presently, and this has become disquieting (Briggle 2). Also, products on the streets are getting cheaper every day, but sellers are compromising on the quality of the goods. The idea gives an awful reality of how cheap products in the current society evident consumerist view of maintaining repetitive cycles of buying to make more money. Additionally, the book references that the expensive games of the high classes have engineered in attempts to extract a considerable amount of money from the consumers. In the present society, the business of football denotes to be profitable, and equally, electronic entertainment has led to consumerist. The idea of “Obstacle Golf” that is illustrated in this book Brave New World is certainly here with us, and many people certainly enjoy paying hugely for it. Diffie and Landau in their article Brave New World of Wiretapping and resulted in eavesdropping. Tapping into telephone conversations is a factor that has moved the spheres of the internet. This dangerous expansion according to Diffie and Landau makes the surveillance of the government powers to increase and created havoc. With wiretapping, it is difficult for people to engage in private conversation along with private life. Eavesdropping has tapped into important matters that are discussed in the government. With this, keeping governmental secrets in the modern world has been a challenge. Military operations in a country are hard to keep, and secrets have leaked creating problems. Diffie and Landau say that “When conversations moved to telephones, the wires were tapped. And now that so much human activity takes place in cyberspace, spies have infiltrated that realm as well” (Diffie and Landau 57). The invention of computers has been beneficial and at the same time created destruction as terrorists together with other criminals use this technology to carry out their missions. Every day, surveillance gets complicated, and the current world has fashioned wiretaps after the advent of the computerized world (Giroux 4). Perhaps, a more outstanding factor in the book is the distinction between the private and the public life. Huxley shows that each person in the society knows and understands the business of every person. The idea of staying alone and hiding what you do from the society is discouraged. People have to know what the other person does, and no private deals are happening in Brave New World. In a similar way, the social media that is emphasized in the current society depicts the same scenario. Majority of the internet generation tend to share every detail about their lives on the social media. Facebook and Twitter have incredibly proved to be more important to public life than it is to that of private (Meckier 5). In Brave New World, privacy is seen to be a crime that is punishable. Individuals who keep a private life in New England are are sent to away from the public to live their lives. Correspondingly, the current society has developed a notion that a person who does not participate in the social networking is an outcast. Indeed, numerous marketers and business organization have also taken the social media to be a key factor in their goals to attain better profits. Inventions and innovation in business trends such as fashion are taken to the social media and this forces every person to embrace social networking. Also, a startling amount of jobs and especially in the creative industry will penalize an individual who fails to have platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn. “Celery” the Portlandia episode in Brave New World, the reader sees that Carrie takes herself from the social media and declares it to be “social bankruptcy” (Huxley 7). Her inability to keep social media creates a social isolation from her friend who no longer recognizes her. This represents the fear of social media depicting that anyone who stops using it will end up losing friends. Brave New World elucidates that if one does not share information on these networking platforms, no one will pay attention to somebody’s life.ConclusionThe factors enumerated in Huxley’s book act as a warning to the modern society in a number of ways. Human behavior in the modern world strongly depicts his postulation and hence gaining profound relevance. The dangers that are attached to technology, internet, and social media are demonstrated and denote to be damaging ethically and morally. The book explores the threats of consumerist and how personal privacy has become a worrying issue and rapidly transformed presently. Eavesdropping has been made possible with wiretapping and hence keeping secrets of the government is a critical challenge. Technology and wiretapping take the blame for increased terrorist attacks in many nations. Therefore, Huxley’s book gives a critical view of today’s social world highlighting the fairs that have revolutionized the world.Works CitedBaker, Robert S. "The Modern Utopia: Huxley and H. G. Wells." Brave New World: History, Science, and Dystopia, Twayne Publishers, 1990, pp. 21-35. Twayne's Masterwork Studies 39. Twayne's Authors Series, url= p=GVRL&sw=w&u=lincclin_bcc&v=2.1&id=GALE%7CCX1703600015&it=r&asid=30700c63c88a035ddfcdaed18ed2779a. (Accessed 19 Nov. 2017). Briggle Adam. Huxley, Aldous. Gale, Cengage Learning. 2005.Diffie, Whitfield, and Susan Landau. "Brave New World of Wiretapping." Scientific American, vol 299, no. 3, 2008, pp. 56-63. Springer Nature, doi: 10.1038/scientificamerican0908-56.Giroux, Henry A. "Trump's America: Rethinking 1984 and Brave New World." Monthly Huxley, Aldous. Brave New World. 1932Meckier, Jerome. "Aldous Huxley's Americanization of the "Brave New World" Typescript." Twentieth Century Literature, vol 48, no. 4, 2002, p. 427. JSTOR, doi: 10.2307/3176042book confirms that opioids, such as Soma, are being used as an instant anti-depressant, which is alarming. Currently, the ethicality of in vitro fertilization (IVF) and intrauterine insemination

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