Myasthenia Gravis vs. Guillain-Barre Syndrome

Myasthenia gravis is a long-term kind of chronic neuromuscular illness that weakens the skeletal muscles, making breathing and movement difficult. Guillain-Barre syndrome is a form of sickness in which the immune system attacks nerve cells, producing numbness, tingling, and difficulty breathing, among other symptoms (Ann & Leslee, 2014). Poor spontaneous...

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What Are Muscles and How Do They Work?

Muscles are specialized structures in the body that perform a variety of functions. They initiate and stop movement, help maintain posture, and regulate body temperature. They also allow you to chew, swallow, urinate, and pass stool. They are made up of multiple skeletal muscle cells that are organized into a...

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The Heart

The muscular organ known as the heart serves as the body's circulatory pump and is roughly the same size as a closed fist. As a result, the heart receives deoxygenated blood through the veins and sends it to the lungs for oxygenation before pumping it to other arteries. The thoracic...

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How Do Genes Work?

Genetics and its Role in Biological Processes The article explains how the procedures work and why they are known as the blueprint for life. Genes work as a set of instructions that direct each bodily part s performance of certain tasks. For instance, genetics control how a muscle should...

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The Cardiac tissues

Contractile tissues and autorhythmic body cells are the two types of body cells found in cardiac tissues. Myogenic activity, which is promoted by the autorhythmic cells, allows for random drifts to come close enough to cause body contractions in the cardiac tissues. In this essay, the value of physical activity...

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