Comments on an Essay

By using objective truth when describing the location, the author stays true to verifiable reality. By avoiding entering into what is observed, the writer involves less of an emotional response to the physical objects described. The words used depict the lake and its surroundings in a straightforward and emotionless manner, rather than coloring the perception.

Throughout the essay, the author conveys a feeling of a guiding principle. The rough, gray wood plants that lead to the lake, the fire hose pumpers, and the dock are just a few of the significant details the author gives about the lake and its surroundings. On the object itself, the lake, the writer describes the lapping of the water, the stillness of the water, the birds that fly overhead, the minnows that dart 8nderwater, as well as its rocky bottom. Additionally, the writer also includes lesser important details which cover less portion of the essay, among them scaping of legs as when walking down the dock and effects of the truck that passes on a road close to the shore. Otherwise, throughout the essay, the writer details on the lake and its environs. In general terms, the writer creates a vivid image of what the situation is at the lake, as well as all that have a direct effect on the state of the lake.

Question 3

The writer uses spatial order as the organizational and structural principle of the description. Items in the description are arranged by their physical position and relationship to the main thing, the lake. As seen, the writer starts off by describing the wood planks that lead to the lake, then the dock behind next is the surface and the bottom of the lake followed by the osprey that resides on a nearby tree, the far horizon, and finally the island. However, this description could better be arranged by exhausting details of a specific physical location like the lake then moving on to the next item and so forth. The writer described the lake, later to the horizon and then came back to the lack again.

Question 4

The most helpful price detail in the essay is the transition made between the ideas and the concrete objectives of the lake. This provides a deeper understanding of the environ, and how everything is related and depended on the existence of another on the site.

Question 5

The inclusion and the context of the use of the truck in the essay seem off. In the water, some minnows darted on the surface of the water, and this was enough distraction to startled the writer from the peaceful state. Additionally, the sound of a truck in such a calm environment would be heard from a distance before reaching where the writer was, hence not a convincing reason to jump in surprise.

Question 6

Tellingly, the writer uses figurative language by employing the use of similes and metaphors. For instance, planks are compared with childhood blankets, aquatic planks with sea kelp, and small island to a pile of nature’s rubble. Metaphorically, the writer uses the phrase golden head to imply to a sea creature that was darting on the water. Use of both metaphors and similes in the essays gives effect to the statements and paint a vivid image of the items described.

Question 7

To spice up the essay, the writer could incorporate more of the figurative and literary techniques and devices to make it more captivating and intermating. In addition to the similes used, other methods include hyperbole, idiom, imagery, and allusion.

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