about the mind

Any human, at some stage, becomes overwhelmed, and the mind becomes disconnected from or escapes from the “self.” However, certain individuals have a propensity to retreat more often and over longer periods of time, which may contribute to a pattern of behavior. According to Stout, the habit of withdrawing from…

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a poem

Martin Hoffman wrote the song “Deportee, also known as the Plane Wreck at Los Gatos,” which depicts a plane crash that happened near Los Gatos. The inspiration for writing the poem stemmed from the racial injustice visible in the coverage of the plane crash. There were 28 migrant farm workers…

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A Critical Analysis of The Sound of The Fury by William Faulkner

From the beginning, there have been many critics of Faulkner’s books, especially The Sound of the Fury. Critics’ perspectives have mainly centered on both thematic issues and durational approaches. Nonetheless, critics have identified the intellectual effects it had on American literature in the twentieth century. The mechanical oddity in The…

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literature introduction by norton

I agree with Patricia Cantu’s feelings on the topic at hand, which is the tale of Connie’s behavior and the consequences of her decisions. Connie did get carried away with pretending to look cute and going out to socialize with strangers rather than helping with the family chores. The plot…

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Importance of being earnest and oroonko

Our character is solely determined by how we behave and how we enforce our will on those around us. In the novel, Oroonoko, the African Prince, is captured by the British along with his queen, Imoinda, whom he seems to adore. They were living happily on their land prior to…

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William Blake’s “London” poetry

Blake was a well-known social critic throughout his day, and his works continue to represent society today. When discussing Blake and his contributions to social critique, two critical questions arise: who does he condemn and what does he criticize? And what does he think of the poor? Blake began writing…

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1984 and technology

Technological development and changes are often an area that is considered to act on its beliefs and perceptions (Liang et al.). The conceptual flow that the world’s technical advances observe is not the same as that found in other areas (Goriparthi et al.). This is mostly due to the fact…

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Poetic Controversy

In several ways, the discussion of erecting “strict walls” to literature and artistic writings is fascinating. First and foremost, the issue of unfair or potentially discriminatory conduct portrayed by literary journals and other publishing outlets can be seen in the light of current political scandals that have arisen after a…

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David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas Depiction of the Will to Power

Cloud Atlas’s long-term reach asserts the existence of human hunger. Desire is said to be the driving force behind the consolidation of power, and it manifests itself in a variety of ways, including the effects of imperialism, varying degrees of corruption, slavery, and casual relationships. The nineteenth-century experienced a force…

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Nature’s and Nurture’s Roles in Human Development

The contribution of nature and nurture to human development has sparked endless debates over the years, but no one has determined which of the two factors plays a more significant role in human development than the other (Mojica, 2017). In an ideal world, both nature and nurture play important roles…

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The Nicomachean Ethics, Aristotle’s most significant study

For many decades, Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics, his most important study of personal morality and the ends of human life, has been a widely read and influential text. Even though it was published over 2,000 years ago, it provides contemporary readers with insightful insights into human needs and behavior. It also…

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Hedonism with a Purpose

Hedonism encompasses a number of different perspectives on how we can act, what motivates our human behavior, and what is good. The concept of meaning hedonism demonstrates that all happiness is eternally desirable, while suffering is not (Lampe, 2015). If anything is useful for its own sake, it is considered…

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