Children Teaching about Diversity

Children born in various places of the world have no feelings or attitudes. As people get older, their environment changes their perspective and attitude. To ensure that youngsters develop positive attitudes as they grow into responsible individuals and citizens, they must be taught to embrace diversity.
McDonald's book, "Do I Look Odd To You," reflects the significance of engaging youngsters to grow up understanding human differences. It promotes students to develop a tolerance for different cultures in order to live together in peace. They explain how diversity is our greatest strength since it serves to balance humanity (2015).  Just like a family, diversity strengthens humanity in the world to bore progress and peace.

Fox and Staub innovatively explain using pictures that no matter where we come from or who we are, there exists someone of your age, someone that looks like you, all over the world (2006). They write to the kid reading the book that it does not matter how the other person looks like, all that matters are that their feelings do not differ at all. They say that, “Joys are the same, / and love is the same. / Pain is the same, / and blood is the same.” (Fox & Staub, 2006).

Using the two books plays a great role of ensuring that the kids appreciate diversity. They grow mindful of the importance of respect for others. They learn to live and interact with others all through their lives because attitudes are behaviors learned and developed over time.


Fox, M. & Staub, L. (2006). Whoever You Are. Boston, USA: HMH Books for Young Readers.

McDonald, J. & McDonald, R. (2015). Do I Look Odd To You: A multicultural children’s book about embracing diversity. United States: House of Lore Publishing.

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