An example of an if/then choice and reaction chain

In if/then logic, for example, digital storytelling is typically implemented. The entity states that if player one performs a specific job, a specific event will occur, and the same will be applied to player two. When two people are wrestling and one of them fails to make the necessary move, the other player is likely to win since the other person is dormant. If player two does not move as well as the first, the game will remain dormant. The implication here is that both participants have to take part, so as to ascertain that the game creates a sense of belonging and understanding.

From the above scenario, it is apparent that the contents of if/then can be replicated in a game where two players are involved. The contents of the example are fundamental as they create the meaning of if/then, so as to help the reader have a better understanding of the situation in detail. The implication here is that the scenario creates a situation which was not initially doable to be doable on the basis of instigating certain steps. Essentially, when if/then are practiced in any situation, there is a possibility of positivity and negativity. Therefore, steps undertaken in any situation need to consider both terms of outcome, so as to ensure that results are appropriate for those involved.

Chapter 8

An interactive work designed for specific audience and discuss its strength and weaknesses. A humorous interactive work designed for children is fundamental as it links children with the storyteller in an understanding manner. The humorous story ensures that children laugh and take part in the story for the purpose of being entertained. The interactive story in this case is that of the aunt and the grasshopper. The advantage of the story is it teaches children the relevance of communication and hard work. The story portrays that by working hard, one is bound to attain positive results in future. An example is noted in the story where the ant kept food for the dry season whereas the grasshopper ignored the ant. The outcome of the event is the grasshopper suffered during the dry season whereas the ant enjoyed every moment. The weakness of the story cannot be instigated by children as per the contents of the story.

What features are designed to keep its audience involved?

The features keeping the audience involved are dilemma and suspension. The two themes are detrimental as they keep the listener wondering and waiting for more. The rationale is based on the perspective of involving the child in the story in a simple and humorous way. The outcome of the approach is the child listening to the story is able to comprehend the contents of the story as it is something he or she can relate to in an understandable way. Fundamentally, the story evaluated is meant to teach the child the relevance of preparing for the future as anything is bound to take place.

Part 2

Compare and Contrast

Universal Soldier

The Universal Soldier movie is termed as terrible based on the fact that it is not believable as the actors deliver its content in a poorly written perspective. Furthermore, it is kind of completely illogical especially for the characters within the script. The dialogue also fails to reveal the characters in detail and as a result, the story does not move the reader. In other words, the story can be termed as boring because the reader is not put into the position of wondering what will happen or what would have taken place (SergeiK, n.p). The contents of the dialogue do not have a thesis for character, but instead the characters are revealed through action. It is also apparent that the arrangement of the dialogue has huge spaces in terms of arrangement which makes the reader wondering why the disorganization.

No Country for Old Man

The dialogue is a great form of writing because it lacks aspects of exposition, and as a result, the reader is involved in its contents to the latter. The reader is able to gather from the dialogue that the characters are actually talking to him and not amongst the characters. Essentially, the dialogue involves the reader in the script, which ultimately makes the whole issue very interesting. Furthermore, the dialogue has a purpose and builds towards attaining a certain objective by including the reader in the contents of the story. Another interesting trait with the dialogue is it evokes the manner in which characters talk in real life without sounding precisely the way one would interact in normal way of life (SergeiK, n.p). The dialogue is further boosted by dialogue tags, gestures and actions to permit the reader follow through the dialogue in a detailed and understandable perspective. The dialogue is well arranged, hence, an indication that it is a great dialogue that I would gladly recommend for one to read through.

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