High School Graduation

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The cease of high school marked an end to my childhood life. My mother and father always encouraged me to work hard and acquire the necessary grades to join college. After completing my ultimate exams, many of my nights were sleepless as I contemplated graduating from high faculty and enrolling in college. I was anxious and terrified of failure to achieve the desired grade. However, the faculty announced the results and set aside the graduation day, which marked my special day. On that day, I woke up earlier than usual, dressed in my official swimsuit for the first time and wore my graduation gown. The gown looked so appropriate on me as compared to anything I wore before. I spent a long time in front of the mirror admiring the gown and taking numerous photos. Earlier this year, my parents made a promise that they would allow me to drive myself to school on the graduation day.

As I walked into the parking bay, I felt like a real king. As I drove to school, I appreciated the changes in my life. My parents were acknowledging the fact that I became a grown up who then was able to be responsible for the car. The faith that my parents had showed made me more confident, and I made a promise to myself that I will not disappoint them. When I got to school, my classmates were in the graduation pavilion. We all looked very clean and confident. At 8 a.m., the ceremony commenced. I could see my parents from the audience, and the smiles on their faces made me very proud. My parents represent the strongest pillars in my life. They always encouraged me to work hard and motivated me when I encountered challenging academic situations.

After presentations, the principal called our names in order of merit and handed over the certificates to us. My parents and relatives congratulated me for being one of the best performers in the institution. After the ceremony, we left the school and headed back home in convoy. I felt like a president during an inauguration service. At home, the mood was ecstatic. Relatives from all over the country were present making me feel much appreciated. We held a huge ceremony, which ended late into the night. The number of gifts brought by family and friends was so great that my room could not contain all of them. I spent the following day going through the gift cards and opening up the gift boxes. The day was exceptional and the most memorable in my life.

Looking back at my life, I do not regret all the times I went to bed late because of studying for the final exams. At times, the academic stress was high. However, I persisted with the faith that one day I will reap the fruits of my hard work. In my speech, I appreciated all the people who played their parts in making my high school academic journey successful. I thanked my teachers, parents and fellow students with whom we formed study groups. The study groups helped us in improving our performances because we had a chance to discuss challenging topics in class, which improved our grades. As I’m going to begin my journey into college, I’m looking forward to using the same strategy in ensuring a successful life in college. I intend to focus on my studies and avoid any possible distractions that might lead to failure. However, my high school graduation remains my special moment.

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