Factors Influencing the Parental Choice of Sending Children to Private Schools

The policy that encouraged private and public schools to compete against one another in the education markets globally has contributed greatly to the widening choice and increased levels of attainment by the students. Despite the fact that there have been different studies on the factors that influence the parental choice...

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The Importance of Content Literacy and Dialogic Teaching in Primary School

Teacher and student interactions in primary school are an essential part of learning that determines how teaching occurs. Classroom interactions can be categorised as being teacher-centred or student-centred. In the former categorisation, an educator will pose a question to the students with a pre-determined answer, give an opportunity for the...

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The Causes and Effects of School Bullying

Bullying is currently a widely reported issue in many schools globally. However, despite being reported the problem has been neglected and handled poorly in most of the schools with most victims keeping it for themselves due to fear of further victimization (Harris and Petrie 23). The solution to bullying cannot...

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The Importance of School Psychology

Some of the critical things that I have learned from the book as well as the video, include the holistic role that a school psychologist plays in the profession, schools, other institutions, to parents, teachers, students as well as the entire community at large. The statistics regarding school psychology is...

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Evidence-Based Anti-Bullying Programs

Abstract                    With concerted efforts being made into preventing and addressing the problem of bullying in schools worldwide, one needs to understand that there is no one-size-that-fits-all answer to the same. Considering the varied and diverse population of elementary, middle, and high schools, there has never really been a simple solution...

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Inclusive Learning Environment

1. Teachers expectations are to see the kids gain enough credits to graduate. This is why they help them on matters related to academics and counsel them to navigate through their difficult lives. 2. Principal Viland expects the students to be in school every day. She makes calls to wake...

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Mindset of a Teacher

Mindset and Teaching Excellence Mindset plays a great role in shaping the act of teaching. Teaching excellence depends on the mindset of a teacher. There are two types of mindset; the growth and fixed. Sometimes a teacher may find himself with a fixed mindset depending on their goal. If a teacher...

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The Impact of Cultural Bias in Classroom Assessments

The results of an assessment The results of an assessment should be designed to reflect the students’ level of understanding. The reflection is the evaluation of the knowledge taught to the students and how well they have comprehended (Sweller 295). However, not all assessments reflect this knowledge. Actually, without the conscious...

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The American Indian Boarding School

Human behavior is composed of both emotional and physical components. They may include biological, intellectual, and social engagements. These are usually inclined by culture, emotions, ethics, genetics and attitude.Fieldwork significant MomentsTake, for instance, a fieldwork conducted in an institution of higher education to assess the behavior of students. The outcome...

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Benefits of Gifted and Talented Programs

Gifted and talented programs have been criticized since the practice became routine in most schools. Criticism leveled against these programs stems from the fact that these programs tend to separate individuals. As a result, there is a lack of diversity in these gifted programs as more privileged children tend to...

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Identifying Learning Disabilities in School-Age Children

The learning disorder (LDs) is perceived as the negative impact of an individual ability to apply and understand language (Tallal, 2014). This involves failure to enhance movement coordination, calculating mathematics and remaining attentive. Children with the learning disabilities are unable to interpret the objects surrounding them or apply written or...

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The Importance of Student Assessment in Texas

Student assessment programs are pivotal in almost all learning institutions globally. Maintaining the security and confidentiality of the student assessment programs is crucial in ensuring valid test scores, quality standards and equal testing opportunities for all students (STAAR, 2018). Formal and informal assessment impact significantly towards the insights on the...

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