A Criticism to the Brockton Police

I have been a witness of police brutality in the community.

I would like to put down my disappointment towards to the manner in which the members of the minority groups were targeted by your officers. I am aware of the proper duty of the police department and that is to serve all citizens irrespective of their social or economic backgrounds. The constitutional duty of the police is to enforce law and order while protecting both the public and private policy. However, some police departments do the opposite as it has been noted with growing concern that some police officers that serve with Brockton Police have demonstrated lewd behavior. For example, Cape Verdean and African American societies are targeted by the police. The police tend to file incorrect and false reports just to incriminate innocent people, sending blameless people to jail, and receiving money and promotion as a result.

The above accusations are grave enough to warrant an official inquest.

Such behavior negates the efforts the country has made in fostering relations between the police department and the citizens. It is worth noting the police department has been promoting community policing as a way of fostering ties between the police and the citizens. In the same way, the spirit of community policing aims to ensure citizens cooperate with the police in the fight against crime. However, that cannot succeed if the same police treat people unfairly and use unorthodox means to gain promotions and earn illicit money. In reality, the conduct exhibited by the police in targeting people from the minority groups is malicious, unbecoming, unprofessional, and dangerous to the well-being of the society. The behavior of the police officers should ideally be above reproach. In this respect, the conduct of some police officers from Brockton Police is unethical and archaic and is bound to hurt innocent people.

I would like to launch this complaint officially on behalf of the Cape Verdean community that has been unfairly targeted by the Brockton Police.

I would like to urge and recommend strong action against police liars that spoil the image of the department and incriminate innocent people. The misconduct some police officers display with impunity does not have a place in a civilized society. Furthermore, the false report and discrimination the police officers show brazenly should stop promptly. I would like the Agency to investigate the issues raised in this complaint because they hurt the Cape Verdean community and other minority groups. Regrettably, many of the people currently in jail are innocent and victims of police brutality. Equally, some of them have been incarcerated unfairly and subsequently deported after serving their sentences.

I would like to single out M. G. as one of the police officers that lacks qualifications at all.

In essence, all the officer can show are the number of years served in the police department. The character he shows taints the image of the police department. On the same note, he is a trigger-happy officer that targets minority groups for the sake of promotion. Understandably, the work of the police officers is demanding and quite stressful. However, the ordinary citizens expect fair treatment from officers all the time. It would be prudent for the Agency to treat this complaint with sincerity and urgency and rein in officers that display inappropriate conduct. The police department requires urgent reforms to weed out officers that mistreat innocent people and incarcerate the blameless. The failure to take decisive measures against the rogue officers would be an indictment on the entire police department.

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