Essays on Thanksgiving

Need to write a Thanksgiving essay? Consult our Thanksgiving essay samples for facts and notes about this awesome holiday. Thanksgiving is a harvest festival, celebrated mainly in the United States and Canada. Thanksgiving essays explore the history of this day as well as its many traditions. The main idea of Thanksgiving was “giving thanks” – expressing gratitude and appreciation to God for a bountiful harvest, good health, and other blessings. In the US, Thanksgiving falls on the fourth Thursday of November, while in Canada – on the second Monday of October. Many essays on Thanksgiving boil down the main traditions of Thanksgiving to feasting on roasted turkey and pumpkin pie and giving thanks for the good that the current year brought. We prepared some essay samples below that you can check out if you need some tips for your essays.

Family Identity, Food Traditions, and Social Structure

1. In my house, one of the most critical ritual meals is the Thanksgiving feast, which must include a stuffed turkey. It is an important feast for thanksgiving and reaffirming ideas and assumptions relevant to American cultural and social solidarity (Williams-Forson, 2008). The family gathered physically and emotionally for the...

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Get Lite Dance

My Ten-Hour Carrier Learning Project at Friendly House After my ten-hour carrier learning project at Friendly House in Worcester, I learned a lot about the community service, food pantry, immigration service, and after school programs. In this paper, I reflect on the matters I achieved during this service learning, as expected...

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About social traditions

Traditions are practices or values that are handed on in a culture because of their symbolic meaning. Throughout the world, diverse cultures adopt and follow a number of rituals that have important significance for them. Specifically, many rituals have been followed for thousands of years without sacrificing their significance. The...

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