Intentional Tort Law

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In the medical sector, the care of patients and discreteness are the major codes of morals addressed. Any medical doctor and health practitioner that refuses to flow with the codes of morals is deemed to rupture the codes of professionalism. Based on this, I firmly concur that, what happened to the plaintiff, the woman from Los Angeles, was a breach of professionalism by the staff of Terrance Memorial Hospital, the defendant. The staff, anesthesiologist and nurse internationally caused emotional distress on the plaintiff, the tortfeasors extensively committed an intentional tort of defamation due to the fact that the plaintiff underwent discrimination from co-workers on returning to work after her surgery (Edwards, 2016).

In light to potential legal liability, there is still room for humor in the workplace environment as long as the humor does not breach reasonableness of conduct. In the Berry v Gulf Coast Wings Inc. case, the employer’s conduct lacked reasonableness towards the waitress. The presentation of a Toy Yoda, instead of the promised Toyota truck, car, or van greatly ridiculed Berry in front of her colleagues. As Edwards says, socially unreasonable conduct should be penalized (2016). Work’s main purpose is income generation, professional development, and performance appraisals. Use of lies to motivate but cause humor to the employee(s) and/or colleague(s) would result to victimization and emotional distress, which is a moral misconduct that may lead to further crimes. Thus, tortfeasors must be punished for the wrong(s), and the plaintiff(s) compensated for the damage(s) caused to them (Edwards, 2016).


Edwards, S. J. (2016). Torts Law. USA, Boston: Cengage Learning.

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