Juvenile delinquency

In today's culture, juvenile delinquency is rampant. Approximately 6,318 arrests were made for every 100,000 adolescents aged 10 to 17 years old in the population eight years ago. Furthermore, juvenile courts in the United States handled about 1.5 million felony cases involving minors in 2009. (Scott & Steinberg 16).
Government's Positive Impact on Social Policy
Early intervention by legislative efforts has proven to be the most effective way to reduce juvenile delinquency. Even though there is no connection between poverty and household stress, poverty tends to increase household stress, which is undeniably the perspective it takes the center stage of children outcomes. The intervention has also seen children engage less in criminal activities such as robbery as well as other violent offenses, because of the early social integration at schools (Scott & Steinberg 18).

Negative Ways

Juvenile delinquency has become more commonplace than before because of the current policy framework, which fails to address the issue of equitable distribution of resources and lacking opportunities, an aspect that stifles social integration. The failure of policy to address lack of prospects is the reason most juveniles get involved in counterproductive activities like substance abuse, violence, and unprotected sex.

Changes to Improve Policy

To control juvenile delinquency, a policy framework should be created that provides parents with effective strategies to discipline, and monitor children. Effective strategies to control children require that they understand weird characters while keeping track when they happen. Again, the extremely severe punishment should not be employed against juveniles in a bid to deter deviant behaviors, because it worsens the case. Schools should set up violence programs that allow the participation of people of all ages to reduce such acts.

Works Cited

Scott, Elizabeth S., and Laurence Steinberg. "Adolescent development and the regulation of youth crime." The Future of Children 18.2 (2008): 15-33.

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