Propaganda of ISIS

The research in question focuses primarily on how the terrorist organization ISIS operates and how it uses propaganda to further its goals on a global scale. In the first part of the essay, different definitions of ISIS are presented, along with examples of other terror organizations that are connected to...

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A research method

A research method is a systematic approach used to carry out a research project. There are many different types of study techniques that fall under the qualitative or quantitative categories. Experimental, participant observation, poll, secondary data, case studies, and interview designs are a few examples of research methodologies. A research...

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Proposal Presentation

My complete research proposal is presented in the presentation. gives a short overview of the research question, studies discovered during the research, theories used to explain different aspects of ISIS propaganda, and, in the end, highlights the key ideas discussed in the paper. The study's central research issue concerned ISIS's use of...

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Ardit Ferizi biography

Ardit Ferizi's Case: Providing Material Support to ISIS Ardit Ferizi, a citizen of Kosovo, was 20 years old when he received his prison term in the United States in September 2016 for providing material support to ISIS that had been thoroughly investigated and proven. After Ferizi became the first terrorist hacker...

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preparedness and Emergency response

The Islamic State (ISIS) is an unrecognized pro-state Salafi Jihad terrorist group that rose to prominence in 2014 after forcing Iraqi government forces out of major western Iraqi provinces, followed by the seizure of Mosul and the massacre of Sinjar. By 2015, this extremist group had grown in power and...

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The cyber threat by ISIS

ISIS Cyber Threat to the United States Following the 12th of January 2015 attack, the cyber danger posed by ISIS became imminent not just to the United States, but also to the entire world. ISIS’s cyber caliphates hacked the Twitter feed of the US Central Command (CONUS/Florida), one of the most...

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Domestic Terrorism and Extremist Groups

The study's goal is to examine the present threat posed by extremist groups to national and international security. The article focuses on militant and diplomatic responses to cross-border terror acts. The research focuses on two known and lethal terror organizations, Al-Qaeda and ISIS. The study focuses on Al-Qaeda and ISIS's...

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A terrorist organization

A political movement that employs terror as a tool to further its objectives is known as a terrorist group. A group of two or more people, whether organized or not, who engage in terrorist acts directly or indirectly make up the structure. According to Corporation (2013), terrorism is the deliberate...

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Multidimensional Impact of Immigration from the Middle East in the Contemporary Socio-Cultural and Political Context

In recent decades, the Middle East conflict brought on by the rise of ISIS has greatly destabilized the area and affected the lives of common people. Today, the crisis that is raging in Syria, Iraq, and Iran, among other countries, cannot be ignored because it is affecting the rest of...

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Americans and ISIS Recruitment

The Extremist Group ISIS Enlisting Americans The extremist group Islamic States in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is enlisting Americans, according to newly available intelligence. Law enforcement authorities in the United States have increased security after the 9/11 attacks, notably for those of Islamic heritage entering the country (Atwan, 2015). These actions...

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Terrorism is a global issue that many countries are concerned about. Terror groups are thought to arise as rebel organizations or people against a specific country or culture (Pras et al., 2016). Terrorists instill fear by attacking and killing innocent civilians. There are various terror groups operating across the continent....

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Threat to U.S. - Al Qaeda

Terrorist organizations are capable of carrying out an attack practically anywhere in the world. One terrorist organization that is likely to carry out an attack on the United States is Al Qaeda. The fast expansion of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), also known as the Islamic...

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Pages: 6

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