Human-made disasters

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Human-made disasters are the outcomes and effects of human activity and technology, whether intentional or negligent. The disasters are dangerous to the environment and people’s lives. There has been an unprecedented rise in the number of human-made disasters over the years. The world has degraded, and lives have been lost. Bombing and warfare, global warming, explosions, oil spills, and mass shootings are just a few of the disasters.
The subject of the paper will be mass shootings in the United States (US). There has been a sporadic rise in gun violence in the world, resulting in a proportional loss of life and severe physical injuries. There have been at least 273 mass shootings in the United States this year. The most notable of these was the infamous Nevada shootings on 1st October 2017 where a lone shooter is alleged to have shot at and killed fifty-nine and injured more than five hundred party goers.
Stephen Paddock, a regular effluent Las Vegas resident, opened fire at a music concert killing and injuring scores. According to The Guardian, Paddock purchased weaponry from Guns & Guitars where he was a customer having satisfied regulations (Lewis, 2017). He also bought more firearms in Utah and Las Vegas.
More firearms were recovered by the police in Mesquite his home and the Las Vegas hotel room from where he shot at the crowd. The number of firearms legally owned by Paddock is alarming, at least forty! You would think he owned a private security company or he was a defense operative. In light of this, there is need for gun control regulations.
In recent past there have been spirited calls from the public and even the political wing to revise the Gun Ownership and Licensing Act. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) should step up its role of enforcing Federal criminal laws and regulating the firearms and explosives industries. From the Nevada shootings, it is evident that there is laxity in the bureau that needs to be mended immediately.
There is need for meaningful legislation in control of guns. The members of the public must be prohibited from purchasing of high-powered arms; suspicious individuals should be banned from owning guns whatsoever. Moreover, there should be coordination and free information between the ATF and firearm vendors. Individuals who purchase arms regularly and in bulk must be reported to the authorities.
The congress and opinion leaders should enact laws that safeguard lives of families and the communities with gun-holders. Education initiatives on suicide and murder tendencies should be exploited to reduce or wholly eradicate the gun violence menace. Leah Libresco believes in rehabilitation of the killers rather than limitation of gun-holding laws. The key goal should be reduction of gun-related deaths.
Adam Winkler in response to Libresco’s conclusion argues that that legislative approach of prohibition won’t solve gun violence. Rather, he postulates creation of an environment that discourages violence. Prospective gun violence perpetrators should be met with the toughest of challenges and obstacles. The laws should be tightened in this regard. While acknowledging that this might not fully solve the problem, Winkler contends that it will go a long way in reduction (Godfrey, 2017).
The matter of gun violence therefore calls for concerted efforts from the regulatory agency and the congress that passes the laws.
Action should be taken immediately in an incidence of mass shooting, criminals in this case should be tried and face the law.
The law allowing owning of guns need to be revisited, people should only be allowed to own guns if they prove that they have private security companies.

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