Essays on Environment Problems

Toxic burials that cause pollution

Stowe, Johnny P., Elise Vernon Schmidt, and Deborah Green. “Toxic Burials: The Final Insult.” Conservation Biology, vol. 15, no. 6, 2001, pp. 1817-1819. This Article from Stowe and associates Present a subject of pollution from burials bringing to fore green funerals and the environmental benefits associated with this practice. Green…

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Nike Inc.’s Sustainability Used the Triple Bottom Line

The term “sustainability” extends to a variety of policies and principles. However, it is often assumed to concern forests, greenhouse gases, and carbon footprints; as a result, this is an environmental component of sustainability. Firms are continually considering the concept of sustainability in relation to society and the environment. As…

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Drilling Offshore

Oil is an important part of the global economy, and people are immensely dependent on it. This dependence disables someone or the government from blocking offshore exploration (O’Malley 1). Even if offshore drilling has some harmful consequences on the climate, it will help to address the energy crisis in the…

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Environmental Issues: Alternative Energy Sources

Myers et al. (2014) state that carbon footprint is the amount of carbon dioxide among other carbon compounds released because of fossil fuels’ usage by members of a particular ecosystem. To stop jeopardizing the environment and its sustainability, a carbon footprint decrease by an initial 25% would be vital (Rogelj…

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about military recycling

Waste management challenges are critical in today’s global culture due to climate change fears. As opposed to incineration and landfill, recycling is the most effective waste disposal mechanism. The decline in landfill capacity due to ever-increasing population and usage patterns has forced governments and other organizations to pursue alternate waste…

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The Impact of Deforestation on the Environment

Climate change is a worldwide concern that has piqued the interest of many academics. Many losses have been suffered in the climate, economy, and culture at large as a result of dramatic shifts in climatic conditions and global temperature. Not only has there been a loss of biodiversity, especially of…

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About global warming

The debate about global warming has raged on for decades. Some claim that man is recklessly damaging the planet’s capacity to support human life by releasing increasing levels of carbon dioxide, resulting in what is known as a “greenhouse effect.” This effect causes the environment that protects the earth to…

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about global warming

For several years, global warming has been a crippling problem in the world. This is due to the fact that its consequences are detrimental to our planet, environment, culture, and health status. Global warming refers to the gradual increase in the average temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere or climate system,…

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Marine Plastic Pollution

Plastics have been an integral part of human life. It is one of the most prevalent materials in the world. Plastics are commonly used by industries for packaging purposes (Fanshawe & Everard 72). Since there are inadequate mechanisms that control the adoption of the products, the impact on the use…

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BP and the Gulf Oil Spill

The research focuses on the BP Oil Spill Tragedy, which took place as BP’s Deepwater Horizon bohring plant exploded in the Gulf, eightsy kilometers from Louisiana. The emissions caused a lot of problems on the Mexican Gulf coast of Louisiana. As such, at a press meeting in New Orleans on…

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You Cannot Force Charity

We live in a time of fantastic exploration. Humanity has advanced dramatically in science, medicine, technology and education, but the greatest part of the world’s population still lives in need. Profit comes from the beginning, but today it is more important than normal because of the global hunger, poverty and…

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Flint, Michigan water Problem

The people of Flint, Michigan came to the realization more than a year ago that their water was contaminated with toxic levels of lead. Lead is a naturally occurring metal found in the crust of the earth. This accumulates into toxicity, thus becoming harmful to the health of a person,…

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