Essays on Environment Problems

Climate Change and Its Effects

According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (2015), climate change refers to a significant change in the measures of climate that persists for an extended time period. A global climate that is warming brings undesirable alterations that impact global water supplies, agriculture, the natural environment, human health and safety,...

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Michael Specter's Essay "Bigfoot"

In Michael Specter’s essay “Bigfoot,” Michael talks about the issue of increasing pollution from carbon emissions, and what causes the emissions. He explains that we as humans produce a whole lot of emissions from everyday tasks that we would hardly think about. Some examples are driving to work, flying in...

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Water Crisis in California

Water is a crucial natural resource with a myriad of biological, chemical and physical uses. According to Ballard and Hively (2017, p.96), the current water coverage is 71% of the earth's total surface with the percentage rapidly increasing due to unpredictable climatic changes caused by the greenhouse effect. California is...

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Sustainable Residential Development Projects in Australia

Australia is able to create a favorable environment for its citizens as well as for the growth of its economy by undertaking some changes in its residential development projects. By so doing, Australia will have sustainable residential projects that have no negative impacts on the environment. The elements to be...

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Recycling of Aluminum Cans

A can crusher is a simple crushing tool used during the recycling process of aluminum cans such as soda and beer cans (Hyde, Hyde and Carl 1998). The crusher is able to minimize the space required for storage by compressing the cans to a height of one inch. The crusher...

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The Importance of Nuclear Power

All citizens demand zero risk energy source, but that seems to be impossible in this era because of the threats the infrastructure receives either from natural or human factors. When it comes to medicine, the use of nuclear radiation allows doctors to make an accurate and quick diagnosis of the...

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The Importance of Railways in Bangladesh

The infrastructure that surrounds people globally includes roads, railways, telephone lines, power lines (Hexter and Mischke 2013, p.1). Their effectiveness is dependent on how they are built and their operationalization that is a crucial factor to the growth of the economy and an arbiter of the competitive nature of different...

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The Current State of Plastic Recycling in the United Kingdom

Recycling is considered one of the classic goals for achieving sustainable waste management system. The process can prevent an enormous amount of virgin production which can save considerable energy, reduce emission of greenhouse gases and depletion of raw material. The method used to accomplish recycling of plastics in the United...

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The Importance of Air-Fuel Ratio in Combustion

The most significant source of losses during combustion is exhaust stack especially when airflow is not monitored during combustion.  When fuel is burned in the presence of oxygen, the products of combustion are obtained as heat, water and carbon dioxide. The amount of oxygen required for combustion depends on the...

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Sustainability of Urban Infrastructure

A secret report of the National Academy of Engineering noted that the current state and set up of urban infrastructure is not sustainable, and therefore it negatively affects the society’s population and the associated economic sectors such as transport and communication. Ness states that through the improved access to the...

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Sustainable Development in New Zealand

The investigation of worldwide urban development in the last couple of years has been significantly influenced by the ‘sustainability forum’ along with the growing recognition that everyone is part of one eco-system (Cattelino 68). This forum centers upon the relationship between the natural resources such as pollution, soil, energy, water...

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Environmental Impacts of Electric Vehicles

In almost all the parts of the word, the need to have a sustainable, high-quality life has been the determinant factor towards the provision of secure and reliable energy supplies across the world (Wilberforce, et al., 2017).  The world constantly strives towards searching for clean sources of power to run...

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