Essays on Environment Problems

Traditional vs Contemporary training

Traditional Training vs Contemporary Training Traditional training entails a series of teachings, both theory and practical, where the trainer and the trainees enjoy personal touch or the physical presence of each other. On the other hand, contemporary training is an evolutionary way of teaching or coaching which makes good use of...

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The Impact of Carbon Offsetting on Aviation Industry

The first project on carbon offsetting took place in 1989. The project was undertaken by Applied Energy Services where commitment to plant 50 million trees were made in Guatemala. In exchange, consent to construct a power station fired by coal would be granted (Smith, 2007, p. 14). Nonetheless, it took...

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The Effects of Heat Waves on People and Environment in North Western Europe

Production of greenhouse gases by activities aimed at sustaining human life has been cited as the major contributor to climate change in the globe. Among the main effect of climate change is the heat waves that have been experienced all over the world. North Western Europe, in particular, is becoming...

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Single-Use Plastics and Waste Management at DCU University

Plastics are considered to be a significant source of marine debris and land-based litter due to their low recyclability rate. A recent survey indicates that more than 103 billion single-use plastic bottles and bags were consumed across the United States in 2014. The effectiveness of automated recycling systems has been...

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The Deepwater Horizon Disaster Case Study

Companies are tasked with a daily responsibility of making decisions that affect both the normal operations of the organization and the communities surrounding the business environment. Making ethical decisions is a complicated matter as they are always between competing issues influencing a company. For instance, the decision between long-term and...

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Plastic Water Bottles and Their Environmental Impact

Certainly, plastic water bottles are beneficial as people can be able to carry water any freely for their consumption. Yet trouble begins immediately after the water is fully consumed remaining with an empty bottle. Everyone must have experienced this lethal mistake of abandoning a plastic water bottle at the scene...

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The Moral Obligation of Americans to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Climate Change and the Paris Agreement Climate change is the greatest threat facing the planet today. The massive nature of the problem saw nearly 200 countries come together in Paris to develop a road map that would see most of them increase their efforts to cut on greenhouse gas emissions. The...

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The Importance of Rick Piltz's Actions as a Whistleblower

In 2005: Blow the Whistle In 2005, Rick Piltz resorted to blowing the whistle concerning a cover-up where Philip Cooney intended to thwart reports concerning global warming from reaching the members of the public. As a way of ensuring that he prevented the deceit concerning Carbon IV Oxide level in the...

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Zizek's Ideology of Nature

Nature has awlays been viewed different in the society since the historical eras. The understanding and perception of nature is usually determined by the belief of individual groups including envrionmentalists, economists, and religions. In his own interpretation, Slavoj Zizek considers nature as whole that exists in its enterity of which...

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A Refutation of Jean-Baptiste's Theory of Climate Change

Intense debates have arisen in the struggle for understanding climate change. The author of this article tries to address his thinking about climatic variations. He refuses to concur with the facts that surround climate changes claiming they are an apparent myth. The history of a scientist like Jean Baptiste who...

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The Role of Sustainability in the Contemporary Society

In his article, Sustainability, Christian Weisser describes the role of sustainability in the contemporary society. He defines the concept as the act of conservation of resources so that they can be utilized in the future. The author assesses various aspects of sustainability including its components, comparison with environmentalism, and its...

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Human Impact on the Environment

The environment is an important aspect that ensures peaceful coexistence of the human race and nature. This paper will consider the various aspects that humans are exposed to on earth that assist as well as hinder their survival. 1. What is meant by desertification? Describe how the process of erosion leads...

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