Gregor’s Transformation

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Gregor’s physical transition into an insect is complete. However, he does not alter significantly in the novel. During the metamorphosis, the reader has the opportunity to engage with the ridiculous, crazy, and nonsensical activities of the universe from the perspective of an ‘insect.’ There is no attached motive or cause to the transformation. It could reflect the world’s uncertainties, such as the fact that Gregor was forced to take a position he despises for the sake of his family. Despite the fact that metamorphosis is a mysterious event with no cause, his family treats it as though it were a common disease. Gregor as an insect is accepting and conforming to the world. When his physical state is changed, he does not make any efforts to find out the cause. He finds it difficult to adjust to his new body. The new body impacts his psychology. He pursues the world from an insect’s perspective. For example, he feels more comfortable clawing on the walls. However even as an insect, he does not lose his humanity. At one point, he holds on to a picture in his room and feels sad as they remove the table he used to do his homework as a boy. At one point, he has strong urge to regain his human state and even take control of various roles in his family, for example, provide money. However, the feelings of misfit, discomfort, and alienation are too strong. In his state, he thinks what would be best for his family. As such he accepts to die peacefully and in acceptance just like he had lived his life.

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