Essays on Matthew Arnold

Dover Beach by Matthew Arnold

The Final Stanza The final verse of Matthew Arnold's poem Dover Beach is the subject of the excerpt. The complete poem is founded on the evil elements present in the world, such as the meaninglessness of faith and love. the trouble-filled universe in all its manifestations. The main character seeks out...

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Essays in Criticism by Matthew Arnold

Matthew Arnold: The Life and Works of an English PoetMatthew Arnold was an English poet, cultural critic, and school inspector. He was the son of the celebrated Rugby School headmaster and literary professor, Thomas Arnold. He also had a brother, William Delafield Arnold, who was a novelist and colonial administrator....

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Poetry by Matthew Arnold

Matthew Arnold Matthew Arnold was an English poet and cultural critic who also worked as a school inspector. He was the son of the renowned headmaster of Rugby School, Thomas Arnold. He was also the brother of the literary professor and novelist Tom Arnold and the colonial administrator William Delafield Arnold....

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