Essays on Geoffrey Chaucer

Maids and Widows

Chaucer recounts the tale of a destitute widow with a variety of animals. Chauntecleer, a hen that she possesses, is a skilled crowner. The dominant of the seven hens, Chauntecleer, chose Dame to be his bride because she was his favorite. Widow also maintained three cows, three large sows, a...

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Sex in The Canterbury Tales

Sex is a major theme in Geoffrey Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales. Chaucer approaches the subject by vividly explaining who has sex, who does not, how people continue to get it, and the consequences. Given the age gap between Alison and John, the story implies that a young person is an...

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response to Bloom’s argument

The paper is an answer to Bloom's assertion in his novel, Genius, that most movies and novels, even if published hundreds of years ago, still matter. The idea differs from the belief that most movies made today will be forgotten in a hundred years, and that most books were written...

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The Merchant's Tale

The Merchant's Tale by Geoffrey Chaucer is listed as fabliau at the time of its publication. The brief is a humorous story of love. The story's vocabulary is clear, and the characters are average men from the time it was published. The theme is marriage, intimacy, and the consequences of...

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