The Short Story "Mother Tongue" by Amy Tan

The short story "Mother's tongue" by Amy Tan revolves about the author's contemplation and judgment about broken English in comparison to the Standard English. Tan realizes that language does not only allow individuals to participate in a particular community but also aids in the determination of one's identity. Despite her...

Words: 776

Pages: 3

The Story "Two Kinds" by Amy Tan

The story "Two Kinds" by Amy Tan The story "Two Kinds" by Amy Tan outlines the story of a mother with high expectations of life for her daughter. Notably, the daughter, Jing-Mei "June" and her mother are expecting a great life in America. At first, June's mother had the thought of...

Words: 1413

Pages: 6

Tillie Olsen's " I Stand Here, I Stand Here" and Amy Tan's "Two Kinds"

In Tillie Olsen's story "I Stand Here," I feel that even though Emily's mother seems as a victim of her circumstances, she is responsible for Emily's neglect. Emily was a happy and bubbly child and her woes only started when her mother decided that she was too much of a...

Words: 447

Pages: 2

Amy Tan's "Mother Tongue"

Amy Tan's Perspective on Language and Communication Amy Tan in her article, “Mother Tongue” appears to ask whether the mastery of a language is a measure of intelligence. That question lingers into the minds of many people concerned about the predicaments of non-native English speakers. However, there is more into language...

Words: 1229

Pages: 5

Amy Tan's "Mother Tongue"

How are children’s lives influenced by language? This is a pertinent question probed in Amy Tan's “Mother Tongue”. In the book, Amy Tan shares her personal opinions on the use of English language in different countries and the impact of language on children’s lives. The author is fascinated by language and...

Words: 650

Pages: 3

Analysis of Two Kinds by Amy Tan

Amy Tan's Two Kinds Amy Tan’s Two Kinds is a short story whose main theme draws from the title. The story was published in the book Luck Club. The main character in the short story is Jing-mei Woo or just June, the daughter of Suyuan Woo. The story explores how the...

Words: 1175

Pages: 5

The Importance of Intimate Family Language in Amy Tan and Richard Rodriguez's Memoirs

Mother Tongue by Amy Tan and Aria: Memoir of a Bilingual Childhood by Richard Rodriguez demonstrates challenge they faced with their identities based on their race, family and language. Mother Tongue and Aria: Memoir of a Bilingual Childhood are similar in terms of they struggle they experienced. However, both authors...

Words: 911

Pages: 4

The article by Amy Tan

Amy Tan s Article on Language and Marginalization in America Amy Tan s article sheds light on the difficulties faced by immigrants seeking to communicate in English as a second language (Tan 1). The author captures the perspectives of immigrants and how language becomes a source of social stigma as well...

Words: 1183

Pages: 5

contrast and compare

Comparison of Two Works of Literature by Amy Tan and Zora Neale Even if they were written by two different writers and set in different contexts, the two works of literature by Amy Tan and Zora Neale may share various principles. The elements that exist in both novels behave as though...

Words: 897

Pages: 4

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