Essays on Being a Writer

Skills used in writing

Five weeks ago, I was less self-assured and less proficient at writing, but I’ve come a long way since then. Building topic sentences was one of the main issues I faced when writing. The opening phrase of a paragraph serves as its topic sentence. I found it challenging to formulate…

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Self Reflective Essay

My ultimate aim as a writing student is to develop my writing skills.This will mostly concentrate on avoiding grammatical mistakes, learning how to write a thesis statement correctly, and improving my punctuation. When I’ve tried to express myself by writing, I’ve had some difficulties. This class, on the other hand,…

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Being a Writer and Writing Skills

The kind of language and writing style that an author adopts is very significant in the training arena. Various writers use different aspects of writing skills to bring their message. However, this is always determined by a number factors, including the type of audience targeted, the kind of message conveyed…

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Class of Writing Experience

I have realized a lot of things during this semester in my introduction to writing class. I have learned about grammar capabilities such as subject-verb agreement, sentences construction and correction and the use of punctuation marks. I have also learned how to write the usage of the APA format. I…

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Being a Writer of Essays

In the previous writing used to be one thing that I didn’t care much about and would get it done with any substances that required to be written such as assignments hastily without thinking how they are supposed to be done. However, after taking more than a few classes, I…

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Research of Memo

By searching at the new memo, it is evident that some changes were made by way of the writer, which bring a slight distinction between the two documents. The author omits the budget allotted to the SNAP program, which is stated to $74 billion, but additionally adds that the purchases…

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Being a Writer

My relationship with writing has been neither a clean nor a hard sailing. I can, therefore, describe it as an average experience the place I have had successful moments in my writing punctuated with some difficulties. Therefore, my relationship with writing is a low profile relationship that cannot be termed…

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Successful Ghostwriter Guideline

The article about professionalism in writing by Kelly James offers us a clue of turning into a useful professional writer. As indicated by Kelly, a expert writer is an essayist who is enlisted to writer artistic or journalistic works, talks or distinct writings that authoritatively credited to someone else. From…

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