Being a Writer

My relationship with writing

My relationship with writing has been neither a clean nor a hard sailing. I can, therefore, describe it as an average experience the place I have had successful moments in my writing punctuated with some difficulties. Therefore, my relationship with writing is a low profile relationship that cannot be termed as smooth or rocky in any case. The cause for this is that I have been an average writer with hindrances in some areas whilst I do better in other areas.

A flashback to the progress

A flashback to the progress due to the fact that the beginning of the semester can tell a lot about my relationship with writing. Having been a semester signified with numerous essay writing, a lot has opened up about my relationship with writing. I have had success in writing most of the writing activities, which have made me receive recommendation after recommendation. However, all the recommendations come with corrective lines from my professors. Although the writing is always good, I have been informed of my poor plot and flow of events in my writing. Therefore, I have had to redo my work repeatedly to achieve what my tutors wish from me.

More into this

More into this, I am a good researcher. I am capable of getting information relevant to the topic of writing required. I am also in a position to compose the information in my own words into credible writing as per the writing requirements. I can say that all my writing is creative and aligns to the topic of discussion. However, my writing is faced with a problem when it comes to referencing and quoting my sources. I am always in a dilemma when quoting or referencing my work due to lack of credible approach. In that context, I end up having the wrong citations that render my writing incomplete. I have therefore experienced a smooth going in my writing, which is punctuated with uncertainty hardships. I can, therefore, describe my relationship with writing as average since I do not achieve the critical status required despite being a good writer.

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