“The Flowers” by Alice Walker

Alice Walker's "The Flowers"

Alice Walker wrote the narrative "The Flowers," in which she narrates the story of Myop, a ten-year-old African-American girl. The author begins by expressing how gorgeous the day is and how the girl is full of energy and happiness. Myop holds a short knobby stick in her hand and touches random chickens she likes while hopping from hen house to pig pen, pounding out a song beat while she sings. Myop wanders away from their family's sharecropper and arrives at the spring from where the family obtains drinking water. Myop observes the silver ferns and blooms that have grown around the spring, as well as the water as it flows downstream. Myop start exploring the woods, which she has done several times. Often with her mother in the late autumn, they would go to the forest and gather nuts among the fallen leaves.

Discovery in the Woods

On this day in the woods, Myop makes her path. In addition to her common lovely ferns and leaves, Myop discovers exotic blue flowers. At noon, her hand was filled with springs of her findings, and she was a mile distance from home, but the land seemed so strange than her previous adventures as the atmosphere was not pleasant. Myop on her way back home, she stepped on a skull of a man that was separated from the body. Myop understands that the skeleton was a large man. As she stares at the surroundings she sees a wild pink flower; she stretches to pick it up and then she notices rotten remains of a noose she sees a bleached hanging rope on a tree. Myop lays down her collection of flowers, and it seems that summer was indeed over.

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